October 4, 2007


This week marks my 7th month of treatment and I just wanted to say a BIG little THANK YOU for all your love and prayers – they have been an immeasurable encouragement to me. I am incredibly grateful for your friendship and humbled by your continued support. Each of you, in your own unique way, has deeply touched my heart and brought healing to my soul. Thank you.

As most of you know, over the past 2 weeks I faced yet another mountain to climb…and I have good news to report…I am back on my big gun meds! While my liver enzymes are still elevated they have dropped by 100 ‘points’ since last Friday and so we are cautiously resuming treatment. I will be on half a dose to begin with and closely monitored to see how my body responds.

I am ready to fight again. Bring on the Herxing! (eek, did i really just say that?)

Thank you for your prayers - they have made me strong in mind, body and spirit.