February 26, 2008


Had another appointment with the Infectious Disease Doc today.

He still refuses to acknowledge my American test results as credible.
He still acknowledges that I am physically and neurologically impaired.
He still denies that I have LD.

However, he did agree to prescribe the additional 4 weeks of IV treatment...
so even though he keeps insisting that I do not have LD, he is still treating me for it.
Anybody else see the irony in this?
Quite frankly, it's totally ridiculous and absurd.
Ultimately, I don't care what he thinks so much as I get what I need from him.
My options are limited now that DR M has retired.
This has left me feeling incredibly alone, vulnerable and scared.

It feels as though the ID Doc holds all the power especially given that DR M is now retired.

This has left me feeling incredibly alone and vulnerable and scared -

I am constantly bombarded with the threat that the ID Doctor can take away my treatment with one fell swoop. If he sees fit to refuse me additional treatment, I am powerless to stop it. He holds all the power...He is the King Pin and I am the pawn in this game.