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Dear Friends and Family,

There's a few people out there who truly understand how Lyme has impacted our family. Christine Lindberg is one such person. A few months ago, I (Graham) shared with her how overwhelming the financial struggle is. A few weeks later, she informed us that she would launch a fundraiser to help us with Parker's ongoing and past medical expenses. It took me two months to actually give her permission to do this - my wife Shannon and I find it horribly scary to publicly acknowledge our need and ask for help. If you can make a donation - awesome and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Make sure to SHARE Parker's story via this fundraiser on your FB wall and/or email. Please be informed about Lyme Disease - we do not want Lyme to impact your family the way it has ours. (Canlyme.com or ILADS.org)

Thank you very much to those who have already stepped forward to help Parker out-climb Lyme. We solidly believe that Parker's 9 month remission (May 2014 to January 2015) is a clear indication that he can beat Lyme! Last summer, after years of being wheelchair bound, we felt like we were witness to a miracle each time he conquered a new mountain top or ripped single track down trails all over the lower mainland.  He is fighting hard to get back on top. By way of donating you are being the hands reaching out to pull him up and the feet to journey alongside of him as he sets out to out-climb lyme once and for all. 


Please say NO to Lyme and Yes to Parker!


Graham Goertzen & family

Parker - Summer 2014
The Stawamus Chief, Second Peak, Squamish, BC

The following is a note from Christine Lindberg, the organizer behind this fundraising endeavour for our son, Parker aka Sparky.

Dear Friends and Family of the Goertzen Family,

My name is Christine Lindberg and I am writing this as a concerned friend of this beloved family.

This week, I launched a fundraising site at youcaring called, "HELP PARKER GOERTZEN OUT-CLIMB LYME", in order to raise much needed funds for their son, Parker's medical treatments.

The Goertzen family is so grateful for the support of many over these long years of illness and suffering. 
I know that many of you have watched them endure this fight for so long and you have faithfully persevered in prayer for them. As their community you have ridden the emotional highs and lows of this journey with them; celebrated the victories along the way and cried out and pleaded for mercy on their behalf inthe deepest depths of their suffering. Quite possibley, you may be feeling discouraged, uncertain or even somewhat complacent about their battle against Lyme. I know many of us have often felt like helpless spectators on the sidelines, not knowing what else to do or how to help. 

Well, this fundraiser is a way to be there for them in a very tangible and crucial way!

Our family is asking you to join us in donating money that will be used to help Parker fight his recent relapse in his very long battle with Lyme disease. Currently, it is taking $3,000 per month just to keep Parker from further decline - they need help to continue this plus explore other options that their medical team wants to implement in order to move Parker from 'survival mode" into a sustained recovery and healing.

Is healing from Lyme disease even possible?
The answer is YES! 

Parker - Summer 2014
Train Wreck Trail, Whistler, BC

As a mom of a son who endured the agony of Lyme Disease for years on end - but who now has before me a thriving, healthy and healed son, I can say the answer is YES! A resounding YES!  

Our family went through this battle for years, I can assure you that we were able to "leave no stone unturned" in seeking medical treatment options for our son Riley because of the financial support of our community. I will forever be grateful for the people in our lives who supported our family in such a tangible and real way...even when there seemed to be no end in sight.

Parker - Summer 2014
Lynne Valley Peak, North Van, BC

Please stand with us and say NO to Lyme and YES to Parker. Though the climb has been long and arduous, the reality is there is so much hope. Parker out-climbed lyme before and we believe wholeheartedly that restoration and a sustained recovery and healing is fully within his reach. There is hope that Parker can out-climb lyme once and for all and be able to thrive and lead the life he is called to - with joy and abundance.

The bottom line is that they need our help to leave no stone unturned. It has taken them a long time to agree to this fundraiser - as they are not the type to ask for help. They are incredible human beings who give so much to others - Let's shower them with love and financial support. 

Please click HERE to follow the link to complete details of the 

If you have any questions or can help spread the word, please do not hesitate to contact me, Christine at cklind47@gmail.com!

On behalf of Graham, Shannon, Taylor, Parker, Avery and, of course, Harrison, I thank you in advance for your consideration and support!

Christine Lindberg and family

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