April 28, 2009


so where have i been since returning from the hospital?

i've been riding the TILT-A-WHIRL 24/7....

"The Tilt-A-Whirl is a platform-type ride, consisting of seven freely-spinning cars that hold four riders each, which are attached at fixed pivot points on a rotating platform. As the platform revolves, parts of the platform are raised and lowered, and the resulting centrifugal and gravitational forces on the cars cause them to spin in different directions and at variable speeds. The weight of passengers in these cars may intensify or dampen the spinning motion of the cars, adding to the unpredictable nature of the motion."

ok. not literally riding it...
but pretty close.

more accurately i have been experiencing tilt-a-whirl-like effects of chaotic motion.

Chaotic motion
is wherein the riders will be moved in general through an orbit and will unexpectedly swing, snap from side to side or rotate without in any way being able to figure what movement may next take place in the car."

yes, i am living in chaotic motion ... and i am trying to re-gain my equilibrium.

trying to learn to function with this dizzying new symptom is certainly a challenge

thankfully these dizzy spells are not severe like the first attack i had 2 weeks ago - these are just mini random attacks that occur several times a day. they can last anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. generally they are just intense enough to throw me just a little off kilter. for the most part, they just a cause a little misstep here and there which have caused a couple bumps and bruises. really, the biggest frustration i've had with it is it's affect on my ability to use the computer. every time i attempt to type or focus on the screen, i start swaying side to side and my eyes go wonky. seriously annoying. i need gravol for internet travel!

Graham took me in to see DR A yesterday just to make sure the dizziness is not a sign of something unrelated to Lyme or Babesiosis. as well my arm is still giving me problems and so we figured it would be wise to have him give me the once over.

so DR A gave me the once over.... my ears are sadly pristine - as gross as it sounds i was actually hoping that maybe the dizziness was caused by a Shrek-like build up of ear wax! unfortunately, looks like the dizziness can most likely be blamed on a newly acquired virus, my lyme or babs or herxing. or a combination of all or some of them.

he did discover that i now have something called NYSTAGMUS.

Nystagmus is an uncontrolled and rapid movement of the eyes. (mine go side to side). it is mild but it sure explains a lot of the symptoms i've been dealing with as it causes reduced vision, and affects depth perception and balance. at this point it is unclear whether this condition is a neurological implication of my lyme, part of this wierd babesiosis herx i've been dealing with or a side effect of meds.

after making that eye-opening discovery, DR A moved on to poking and prodding my poor old but very dramatic PICC line arm. he noted that the swelling is still there along with a couple wierdly lumpy areas. he expressed concern about the possibility of a blood clot. lovely. which meant off to the hospital again. albeit just for an ultrasound. and PTL there is NO blood clot.

just me, my lyme, my pristine ears and my ditzy dizzy head trying to re-gain my equilibrium.

April 19, 2009


ItalicThe "IS" factor is what put me in the hospital.


i first noticed slight twinges of pain in my arm on Easter Monday afternoon. By evening it was really sore and there was discharge leaking out of the insertion site. this concerned me but at that time my arm was not red (a sure sign of infection) and my home care nurse was scheduled to come by the next morning so i felt it would be fine to leave things until the morning.

by the next morning (Tuesday) my arm was puffy and swollen. i had developed a painful lump under the skin near the insertion site and a lot more fluid had leaked out. the discharge appeared to be lymph fluid. my home care nurse was concerned but since my arm was still not red (and i've had lymph fluid leak out before), we both felt comfortable taking a 'wait and see' approach.

however, she left me with explicit instructions to immediately go to the ER if my arm became red.

my arm started to get red that night at supper but since the redness would come and go, i didn't think it warranted a trip to the ER.

i woke up in the early morning hours of Wednesday feeling extremely toxic. it's hard to explain the sensation other than to say i felt like i had been poisoned.

i was sweating from head to toe. the night sweat thing is not at all a new thing except that my sweats are usually concentrated around my head, chest and stomach. this time around my ENTIRE body was soaked... even my toes were dripping.

additionally, my temp was elevated and my hand tremors were really exacerbated.

but it wasn't until i tried to get up to dry myself off that i realized something was really wrong. i was completely off-kilter and insanely dizzy. this was totally new symptom for me. i have never experienced dizziness like that before. when i tried to sit up in bed, i fell over. i could barely right myself. when i finally did i just sat in bed for a long time trying to steady myself. after a long while, i felt in control enough to stand up. however, upon standing, i immediately collapsed.

about that time i figured i might have a problem.

a call to my home care nurses confirmed that. they immediately sent me to the hospital.

the short of it IS this:

lymph fluid pooling in my arm caused the CELLUTLITS which then triggered a case of PHLEBITIS which may or may not have been caused by my VASCULITIS which was exacerbated due to a flare in my BABESIOSIS infection.

(now say that 10 times fast!) lol

the long of it IS this:

stagnant lymph fluid is a breeding ground for bacteria.
when it comes to bacteria, i have a "welcome" sign stamped across my forehead.
cellulitis is a bacterial infection.

now you can see where this is going.
naturally, i developed cellulitis!

the cellulitis triggered a case of phlebitis.
phlebitis is a fancy word for vein inflammation.
phlebitis causes your veins to spasm.
these rhythmic and painful contractions are similar to how labor feels.
basically it feels like my arm is in labor.

my vasculitis is triggered by my babesiosis infection.
my babesiosis was excerbated because i had just ramped up to my full dose of alinia.
alinia is the new med DR H is using to attack my Babesiosis infection
the full dose of alinia triggered a
massive HERX.
big time

and now you have the long and short of the "IS" Factor

April 15, 2009


i have cellulitis (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/cellulitis/ds00450)

to be confused with cellulite
(albeit i have that too. boo.)

if things don't settle down over the next few days then i will have to have my PICC pulled and replaced.

thankfully, i'm home....nurse will be coming tomorrow to check on my arm.
home sweet home
so relieved to be home
hospitals are stressful, dangerous places to be...especially when you are sick!

thank you for your prayers and well wishes
they are so appreciated and needed.
today was scary.

will update more as soon as possible.


Would appreciate your prayers.

I have had a rapid onset of some pretty severe and new symptoms.

there is also suspicion that i may have an infection in my Picc Line.

as a result, my nurses are sending me to the hospital.

please pray.

April 12, 2009


He is Risen!
He is Risen, indeed!

I Arose and went to church today!

So wonderful to be able to celebrate Easter IN church.

It truly felt like a miracle to be able to go.

April 11, 2009


Today is the 2 year anniversary of my diagnosis of Lyme Disease.
never did i ever think 2 years ago that i would still be fighting for my life.
never in a million years.
in some ways it feels like yesterday.
in other ways it feels like it has been forever.
God has been present every agonizing step of the way.

my diagnosis was a miracle in itself.
however that being said following up the word diagnosis with miracle is really a bittersweet irony.
think about it.

diagnosis is defined as "the identification of a disease - as in - something is wrong, amiss, not as it should be"
miracle is defined as "an ama
zing or wonderful occurrence; marvelous event brought about by divine intervention"

now, see the irony in the two being lumped together?

miracle + diagnosis...tough to reconcile, a bittersweet agony... but a miracle nonetheless

i was sick for 9 long months before i was finally properly diagnosed
during those 9 months, i saw many doctors and specialists, went thru a plethora of tests and heard preliminary diagnosis' of MS, lymphoma, bone cancer, CFS, RA, and skeletal TB...just to name a few
it was a very scary and frustrating time

but even so,
God was always walking ahead of me (us)
and he was also working in my heart, calling me to let go and let Him

it's tough to fully relinquish control when your heart is seized with fear, panic, desperation
as each possible diagnosis was ruled out, my need for a diagnosis became my sole focus
i was bound and determined to figure it out,
determined to NAME the nemesis that was systematically destroying my mind and body,
driven to KNOW what it was so I could DO something about it
and yet no matter how hard i searched, no answer could be found

thru it all, God
's still voice was calling to me to TRUST Him
in the midst of the darkness, he continually brought to mind Proverbs 3:5-7 (The Message):

"Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
don't try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God's voice in everything you do; everywhere you go;
he's the one who will keep you on track.
Don't assume you know it all.
Run to God. Run from evil."

it was a process to finally relinquish complete control to Him

for me, that process meant letting go of the search for diagnosis, letting go of the need to know, letting go of the panic of not knowing, letting go of the desperation, letting go and letting God. it was a difficult journey to totally submit my health, my questions, my fear, my life to Him.

ultimately, after 9 months of searching, i knew he was calling me to leave it in His hands
part of that call included following a biblical command...
James 5:14-15(NIV)

"Is anyone of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven"

going to the elders for prayer was my way of 'publicly' surrendering my need and desire for diagnosis.

i was very clear about that (or so i thought!) when i shared this with the group of elders that gathered to pray over me

BUT they ALL prayed for me to get DIAGNOSED!

i remember thinking that they sure didn't listen very well!
and then chastising myself for thinking such uncouth thoughts as these dear prayer warriors prayed over me

obviously God has a sense of humor...
and the miracle?

once i submitted all of it to God, He gave me the very answer i had been chasing after.
2 weeks after being prayed over, i was diagnosed with lyme.

i remember being completely overwhelmed with my diagnosis
i knew it was correct.
no doubt. not ever.

but it was completely earth shattering.
treatable? yes.
cure? possible but not likely.
the road to recovery? long, painful and arduous

i remember Graham and I driving home in shell shocked silence.
no relief.
just fear.

just a desperate need for comfort, solace, peace.

i remember stumbling into the house and going straight for my Bible.
i flipped it open to Proverbs 3:5-7, my TRUST verse, the verse which God had used to bring me to diagnosis.
as i got to the end of those verses, the following verse jumped out at me as if the very words were alive and breathing...there at the end of my TRUST verse, was my promise of healing.

Proverbs 3:8 (The Message)

"Your body will glow with health,
your very bones will vibrate with life."

little did i know how significant, how comforting, how needed that promise of healing would be (and still is).

really, we had no idea.

we had no idea the horror that lay ahead.
who could even imagine or comprehend the magnitude of the battle before us.
that promise has proved, over and over again to be my saving grace.
without a doubt

that was April 11, 2007
and now here i am 2 years later...and counting

and still waiting for his healing
daily having to leave the timing of that in his hands.

today has been a struggle to get through
i am so very ready for this to be over
so ready for the miracle of diagnosis to be finished with the miracle of healing

its tough. no. actually it is an agony. bittersweet agony.
but i continue to cling to God, His trustworthiness and His promise of healing

as i was logging on here tonight to try and sort through my mess of emotions and thoughts, i received an email from the "Under Our Skin" Blog (http://underourskin.com/blog/) with a link to the following song, "When The Healing Comes". It was written by Lisa Bevill, a Christian recording artist, during her battle with Lyme disease.

When The Healing Comes

(you can listen by clicking on the following link)

I’m here before you Jesus on bended knee
Praying for an answer, that’s my plea
Oh I’ve been crying for a healing that hasn’t come

So I’ll just keep on waiting, for that day
Oh..you’re so mysterious..that’s your way
I know you’ve got it all figured out..
For the angels to shout allelujah
So I’ll just keep on pressing in,..for your healing hand

And when the healing comes
Whether here and now, or in the clouds
I’ll be loving you and my faith will stay
Right here and I’ll hold on
Can’t nobody move me I
’ll be first in line, when the healing comes
The healing comes down

So hold me Jesus till I make it through
Cause I need to see the sunshine and skies of blue
Oh I’ll be praying for the healing waters to wash my pain away
So I’ll just keep on pressing in for your healing hand

And when the healing comes
Whether here and now, or in the clouds
I’ll be loving you and my faith will stay
Right here and I’ll hold on
Can’t nobody move me no
I’ll be first in line, when the healing comes
The healing comes down, I will hold on
Can’t nobody move me no
I’ll be first in line, when the healing comes
When the healing comes, healing comes down
Oh yeah, so I’ll just keep on pressing in

Written by: Lisa Bevill, Lisa Bevill Music @ASCAP 2007

that song was just what i needed to hear today.
its amazing how He knows what we need before we even need it and in spite of what we think we need, He knows better...

...in the most surprisingly miraculous of ways.

April 7, 2009



lifelong friend, cherished friend
chosen family, sister friend
godmom to my first born son
my dear friend has just been diagnosed with cancer

no. no. no.
i am sad
i am mad
no. no. no.

why? why her? what next?
she's endured so much already,
has lived, is living through so much heartache, loss and pain
oh, Jesus, stop the rain
how much must one be called to bear

not her. not now. not ever.

i silently scream
no. no. no.
a tidal wave of emotions crashing over me

i know how a diagnosis turns your world upside down
in the blink of an eye normal ceases to exist
a single moment in time changes everything
and you are shaken to your core

free fall thru timeless space
past, present, future
soliloquies of memory flashing by
forced to face reality
the fragility of your own mortality

i ache for all that is to come
for the battle that lays ahead
for the pain, the heartache, the loneliness
the long dark desert to sojourn thru before the dawn will break

i ache for what her boys must face
i grieve for all that they must feel
cancer striking like a thief in the night
oh lord, it takes my breath away

phoenix rising from the ashes
the fire of life refines, renews
she will beat this, i have no doubt
this precious family will rise above

i have faith, i have hope
though tears will fall, fear will grip
His grace, His peace, His strength
will lift them all to heights anew

come alongside, lend support
enter in my own frustration
unable to do more, be more
taunted by my limitations
i feel useless, helpless

silence! to my inner critic

i can be a listening ear,
i can be a prayerful heart
for this one i hold so dear
engage in battle thru mighty prayer

searching, pleading, soulful prayer
sweat and tears co mingle
fervent, burdened, earnest prayer
oh lord, hear my cry

pray for peace in this fiercest storm
pray for strength to endure
pray for grace for each and every day
pray for solace and for comfort

pray for tender hearts to stay true
pray for resilience, indomitable spirit
pray for them to keep trusting you
pray for healing and for wholeness
body, mind and spirit

prayer is stalled, barely whispered
anger rising in my heart
i am mad
why god why
no answers only questions
pounding in my ears

and then i hear Him
in the midst of my fury
His love, His peace, His voice beseech me
i love her more than you can ever know
as i have carried you
i will carry her

His still calm voice commands
surrender her to me
the time, the place, the here and now
the grief, the pain, the sorrow
trust me with her tomorrow

relinquish anger, release your worry
submit this dear one to my care
trust me with her
just as you trust me with you

please join me in praying and trusting for healing for my dear friend Jennifer, her husband, and her 4 sons.

April 3, 2009


for your Friday nite viewing pleasure:

swollen, puffy eyes...

believe it or not, this pic was taken 4 hours AFTER waking!

eek! isn't that a lovely site to encounter unaware.

during one of my in office visits with DR H, he diagnosed me with lymphedema. as a result he prescribed lymph massage and deemed it very necessary and needed in order to assist my body in effectively detoxing.
i have been going for lymphatic massage since October. at the time he prescribed it, i knew nothing about lymph massage or the lymph system in general. my understanding of the lymph system was limited to knowing that we have lymph nodes and that they assist in fighting infection.

i have since learned a lot about the lymph system. it is really quite fascinating.
the lymph system plays a very important role in detoxifying our bodies and maintaining good health. furthermore, having a healthy lymph system is absolutely vital to strengthening your immune system. the more i've learned about the significance of the lymph system, the more i've wondered why the poor little lymph system seems to be largely ignored or neglected by health care professionals.

the following is a quick summary of the lymphatic system:

"Lymphedema is characterized by edema and blockage of the lymphatic system.

The lymphatics have three very important functions, according to Dr. Gerald M. Lemole, Chief of the Department of Thoratic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Browns Mills, New Jersey:

"First of all, the lymphatics return protein to the bloodstream. As much as 50 percent of our serum protein can leak out of our bloodstream during a 24-hour period, and it is the job of lymphatics to return this protein to the blood. Second, the lymphatics clear the spaces between our cells and carry away toxins and foreign particles such as bacteria, large proteins, cholesterol, and viruses. We were taught that the liver and kidneys clear away toxins, but it is actually the lymphatics that clear away the fluid that bathes each cell of our body. Third, the lymphatics are an integral part of our immune system. The white cells, called lymphocytes, circulate in and out of the lymphatics and help destroy foreign particles like bacteria, viruses and parasites." (http://www.uhealth.net/article3.htm)

DR H refers to me as a cesspool of neurotoxins. my cesspool status means that my lymph system is very clogged and is stagnant. as a result i have developed fibrosis in my abdomen. "Fibrosis is the formation of fine scar like structures within tissues affected by lymphedema. the fibrosis create obstructions and make lymph drainage even more difficult." you can learn more about the lymphatic system and fibrosis here: http://www.lymphnotes.com/cat.php/id/8/

in the last couple of weeks, i've had to slow down on going for my lymph massages. with the inclusion of the million dollar drug alinia to my treatment protocal we just can't afford to keep up pace with a lot of my therapies that are 'out of pocket' expenses. this includes my lymph massage therapy. i'm still going but have had to cut back on the frequency with which was deemed necessary.

as a result my bod is rebelling.

i am astronomically swelling.
sometimes to the tune of 10lbs in one day.
my lymph therapist has me weighing myself at regular intervals during the day in order to keep track of how severe my lymphedema is.

on average i am 'gaining' about 8lbs daily.
my record is 10lbs in less than 12 hours.

there is no rhyme or reason to my swelling other than that it is evidence that i have an active, ongoing infection and a diseased and poorly functioning lymph system.

and my dough boy, michelin man bloated status is very different and not to be confused with PMS.
Oh no, no, this is very different.

sometimes i gain weight overnight - i am heavier and puffier in the morning than i was the night before. and vice versa. and even weirder than that is that the swelling moves around my body. all 8 to 10lbs of it. oh yes, it is not 8lbs of fluid evenly dispersed over my body, it tends to be 8lbs of fluid all in ONE area and then it all migrates to another area - sometimes within hours. sometimes over several days.

it is one hek of a strange phenomenam.
and definately grossly uncomfortable.
and annoying. and irritating. and frustrating.

and it bugs me that it bugs me.

really. in the big scheme of things, who cares?
considering all that i face in this fight, why am i bugged by my puffy face?
considering the burdens my loved ones shoulder, why am i perturbed that my shoulders make me look like a quarterback?
considering all the pain and heartache in this world, and i've got the nerve to belly ache about my swollen abdomen?

i mean who cares if my face is puffed up - at least the puffiness actually helps to fill in fine lines; or who cares that i'm living in stretch pants because my butt and my legs are so swollen - at least the merger between my butt and thighs makes my legs look longer; or who cares if my shoulders are so puffy that i look like i'm wearing those gargantuan shoulder pads from the 1980s - i think i recently heard that 80s fashion is making a comeback;

or who cares if i get "the muffin top" on the days i try to squeeze into my jeans - i should just be grateful on those days that i'm well enough to at least attempt to wear jeans. (and did you know the muffin top look can also be attained by stuffing fat feet into ballet flats?) or who cares if my neck is so puffy that i look like a rodent hoarding food in its pouches - at least Walter (our family hamster) feels like he is living with his own kind;

"my hamster pouches"

or who cares if my head is so fat that none of my baseball caps fit anymore - after all, i don't need to hide my greasy hair, in my condition, i wouldn't dream of leaving the house for fear of scaring small children.

and speaking of children...
who cares if i look like i'm 5 months pregnant...the upside to that? well, i learned that another lymie friend of mine is dealing with the whole bloated belly, faux pregnant look too!

it is always such a comfort to learn that you are not alone.

and the icing on the cake?
my puffy, bloated lyme friend is a MAN!
oh, yes, oh yes! my buddy Peter thinks he looks pregnant too!
and its really bugging him too!

if you ask me it was pretty ironic to talk to a man about swelling and bloating - and super satisfying to have him moaning and groaning about it right along with me.

so i guess i can conclude that there is an upside to everything...even the antics of my lymphatics.

April 2, 2009


Had my monthly phone consult with DR H last Friday.

This post will probably be of more interest to my lymie friends however any conversation with DR H tends to be somewhat entertaining as he does have a sense of humor. Ironically, his humor is very similar to my hubby's.

During my 'in office' appointments, those 2 tend to share great big guffaws, which is simultaneously entertaining and irritating. Actually, during our in office appointment in January, there was all of the sudden the sound of a duck quacking. Turned out it was the ring tone on DR H's cell. Oh my Graham was so impressed. And those 2 got off on a whole tangent, swapping dumb duck jokes. And me? Sheesh! Hullo? Remember me? i'm like the forgotten space cadet fading away in the corner... but honestly, I do appreciate his humor -for the most part!

(BTW, guess who's got the duck ringtone now? yup, Graham.)

The following is a very abbreviated version of what was discussed during my phone consult with DR H and the latest battle plan:
(DR H's input/responses are in bold, mine are in italics)

(My apologies for the non-friendly reader layout - i copied and pasted my phone consult from a word document so the fonts and layout are pretty messed up.)


Quick time line summary:

Feb 24 – Mar 3 Severe Herx – major flare of all symptoms

Feb 23 – 26 Mistakenly infusing 500mg bags of sterile water for 3 days – which may or may not ? have contributed to such a nasty flare of symptoms

Feb 26 Had lab tests done – reveal low WBC – maybe had a bit of the flu too (oldest son was home sick with flu during that time)

Mar 9 – 21 Much progress during these 2 weeks– overall quality of life improved dramatically - Quantity of "good" days not more, however Quality of good days was dramatically improved

Mar 9 Start ALINIA – 1pill/day

Mar 16 Ramp up Alinia to 2 pills/day

Mar 22 to present

Herxing again…extreme fatigue, nauseau, lethargy, ringing/buzzing in ears, shortness of breath


Top 6 Current symptoms – noting which is most severe

· Ringing and buzzing in ears

· Nauseau

· Swelling and bloating – full body – will gain up to 10lbs in 12 hours – lymph massage therapist says I am the most swollen, boggy and puffy I have ever been

· Hypoglycemia episodes

· Shortness of breath

· Extreme fatigue

What has gotten better

-Less night sweats- weirdly have moved from being concentrated around head and neck area to abdomen

-No migraines since starting IV Zithromax

-Better quality of life during ‘good’ days

List of current medication, herbs and vitamins

· IV Rocephin 2g/2xday – 4days/week

· IV Zithromax 500mg/day – 5 days/week

· Alinia - 500mg/2xday

· Pentoxifylline 800mg/day

· Diflucan 200mg/ day

· Bioresource Detox & Drainage ¼ tsp/2x day

· Enula 15drops/2x day

· Mundipur 1 tsp/2x day

· Toxex 1/2tsp/2x day

· Red Root 15 drops/2x day

· Wobenzyme 25pills/2x day/2x week

· Boluoke 2pills/2x day

· Mannatech Plus 1/3x day

· Mannatech Ambrotose Powder – 1tsp/day

· Resveratrol 1/2x day

· Medcaps DPO 2 tabs/2x day

· Quercetin – 2tabs/day

· Vitamin C – 3 tabs/day (1000mg tabs)

· BIO K CL1285 (probiotic 98g/day)

· Cod liver oil - over abs nightly

Additional questions/and or concerns for doctor

A) Very frustrated with "antics of my lymphatics" – can only afford to do 1 massage/week now – but have added in rebounding and lymphdiaral cream and yet I am still astronomically puffing up – anything else to help?

Seriously, DR H, I have astronomically blown up!!!

Oh, really. That's great! I've been thinking of putting together a football team. I need a line backer. you could be my linebacker. Just how huge are you?

Here's some things we can do to help deflate you:

  1. 40 drops red root/4x day
  2. Itires 1/2tsp/2x day
  3. begin putting castor oil on lymph nodes as well as con't with lymphadiaral cream
  4. Up Wobenzyme to 50pills/day/7 days per week
  5. will send specialized lymph brushing system
  6. Start infrared saunas or colonics
(EEK! COLONICS? Are you serious?)

Yup. Know anybody with a long garden hose?

(Ha ha. very funny. not.)

I highly recommend it for you however if you are totally not comfortable with it then start with the infrared saunas and we'll monitor your progress...BUTT (lol) BUTT I think colonics could prove to be the missing link in keeping your detox moving.

B) What is most effective way/dosing for Alinia ?

  1. Immediately bump up to 3 pills/day

What kind of reaction/response can I expect?

You can expect the following symptoms to get worse before improvement begins:
  1. buzzing/ringing in ears,
  2. increase in quantity and intensity of shortness of breath episodes
  3. blurred/double vision/blind spots will get worse

Long and short of it is to expect these symptoms to get a lot worse again before improvement is "seen"

Lovely. I suppose that means my ability to drive will be put on hiatus again.

Yup. That's tough. Hang in there. it'll get better. I promise.

C) Finally was able to fill Albendazole Rx – how/when to implement that?

Once you have been on full dose of Alinia for 2 weeks, start the Albendazole 2pills/2xday for 10 days, then call me and we'll reassess. Have I mentioned I'd like you to start doing colonics? {insert evil snicker}

D) Wobenzyme seems to have weird effect on my eyes – makes my pupils dilate huge…what is up with that?

remember the job of the wobenzyme is to clear out your clogged lymph channels. as it unclogs your channels, neurotoxins are being released into your blood. you are so full of toxins and the dilation of your pupils is evidence of these toxins finally being released into your system.

E) Taking ½ tsp/2x day of Toxex…but feel like I have better results with the mundipur…am taking 1 tsp/2xday of mundipur…should I keep taking both?

absolutely. keep doing both.

have i mentioned yet that i think you'd benefit from doing a series of colonics?

la la la la la. i can't hear you.