April 2, 2009


Had my monthly phone consult with DR H last Friday.

This post will probably be of more interest to my lymie friends however any conversation with DR H tends to be somewhat entertaining as he does have a sense of humor. Ironically, his humor is very similar to my hubby's.

During my 'in office' appointments, those 2 tend to share great big guffaws, which is simultaneously entertaining and irritating. Actually, during our in office appointment in January, there was all of the sudden the sound of a duck quacking. Turned out it was the ring tone on DR H's cell. Oh my Graham was so impressed. And those 2 got off on a whole tangent, swapping dumb duck jokes. And me? Sheesh! Hullo? Remember me? i'm like the forgotten space cadet fading away in the corner... but honestly, I do appreciate his humor -for the most part!

(BTW, guess who's got the duck ringtone now? yup, Graham.)

The following is a very abbreviated version of what was discussed during my phone consult with DR H and the latest battle plan:
(DR H's input/responses are in bold, mine are in italics)

(My apologies for the non-friendly reader layout - i copied and pasted my phone consult from a word document so the fonts and layout are pretty messed up.)


Quick time line summary:

Feb 24 – Mar 3 Severe Herx – major flare of all symptoms

Feb 23 – 26 Mistakenly infusing 500mg bags of sterile water for 3 days – which may or may not ? have contributed to such a nasty flare of symptoms

Feb 26 Had lab tests done – reveal low WBC – maybe had a bit of the flu too (oldest son was home sick with flu during that time)

Mar 9 – 21 Much progress during these 2 weeks– overall quality of life improved dramatically - Quantity of "good" days not more, however Quality of good days was dramatically improved

Mar 9 Start ALINIA – 1pill/day

Mar 16 Ramp up Alinia to 2 pills/day

Mar 22 to present

Herxing again…extreme fatigue, nauseau, lethargy, ringing/buzzing in ears, shortness of breath


Top 6 Current symptoms – noting which is most severe

· Ringing and buzzing in ears

· Nauseau

· Swelling and bloating – full body – will gain up to 10lbs in 12 hours – lymph massage therapist says I am the most swollen, boggy and puffy I have ever been

· Hypoglycemia episodes

· Shortness of breath

· Extreme fatigue

What has gotten better

-Less night sweats- weirdly have moved from being concentrated around head and neck area to abdomen

-No migraines since starting IV Zithromax

-Better quality of life during ‘good’ days

List of current medication, herbs and vitamins

· IV Rocephin 2g/2xday – 4days/week

· IV Zithromax 500mg/day – 5 days/week

· Alinia - 500mg/2xday

· Pentoxifylline 800mg/day

· Diflucan 200mg/ day

· Bioresource Detox & Drainage ¼ tsp/2x day

· Enula 15drops/2x day

· Mundipur 1 tsp/2x day

· Toxex 1/2tsp/2x day

· Red Root 15 drops/2x day

· Wobenzyme 25pills/2x day/2x week

· Boluoke 2pills/2x day

· Mannatech Plus 1/3x day

· Mannatech Ambrotose Powder – 1tsp/day

· Resveratrol 1/2x day

· Medcaps DPO 2 tabs/2x day

· Quercetin – 2tabs/day

· Vitamin C – 3 tabs/day (1000mg tabs)

· BIO K CL1285 (probiotic 98g/day)

· Cod liver oil - over abs nightly

Additional questions/and or concerns for doctor

A) Very frustrated with "antics of my lymphatics" – can only afford to do 1 massage/week now – but have added in rebounding and lymphdiaral cream and yet I am still astronomically puffing up – anything else to help?

Seriously, DR H, I have astronomically blown up!!!

Oh, really. That's great! I've been thinking of putting together a football team. I need a line backer. you could be my linebacker. Just how huge are you?

Here's some things we can do to help deflate you:

  1. 40 drops red root/4x day
  2. Itires 1/2tsp/2x day
  3. begin putting castor oil on lymph nodes as well as con't with lymphadiaral cream
  4. Up Wobenzyme to 50pills/day/7 days per week
  5. will send specialized lymph brushing system
  6. Start infrared saunas or colonics
(EEK! COLONICS? Are you serious?)

Yup. Know anybody with a long garden hose?

(Ha ha. very funny. not.)

I highly recommend it for you however if you are totally not comfortable with it then start with the infrared saunas and we'll monitor your progress...BUTT (lol) BUTT I think colonics could prove to be the missing link in keeping your detox moving.

B) What is most effective way/dosing for Alinia ?

  1. Immediately bump up to 3 pills/day

What kind of reaction/response can I expect?

You can expect the following symptoms to get worse before improvement begins:
  1. buzzing/ringing in ears,
  2. increase in quantity and intensity of shortness of breath episodes
  3. blurred/double vision/blind spots will get worse

Long and short of it is to expect these symptoms to get a lot worse again before improvement is "seen"

Lovely. I suppose that means my ability to drive will be put on hiatus again.

Yup. That's tough. Hang in there. it'll get better. I promise.

C) Finally was able to fill Albendazole Rx – how/when to implement that?

Once you have been on full dose of Alinia for 2 weeks, start the Albendazole 2pills/2xday for 10 days, then call me and we'll reassess. Have I mentioned I'd like you to start doing colonics? {insert evil snicker}

D) Wobenzyme seems to have weird effect on my eyes – makes my pupils dilate huge…what is up with that?

remember the job of the wobenzyme is to clear out your clogged lymph channels. as it unclogs your channels, neurotoxins are being released into your blood. you are so full of toxins and the dilation of your pupils is evidence of these toxins finally being released into your system.

E) Taking ½ tsp/2x day of Toxex…but feel like I have better results with the mundipur…am taking 1 tsp/2xday of mundipur…should I keep taking both?

absolutely. keep doing both.

have i mentioned yet that i think you'd benefit from doing a series of colonics?

la la la la la. i can't hear you.

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