June 14, 2008


Finally, all has been sorted out in regards to filling my rx's and so we are ready to get the ball rolling.

I managed to get my rx for IV filled here in Canada. PTL! This means that insurance will at least cover the cost of the meds. However the meds come in powder form and need to be attached to saline bags so that I can administer them (called re-constituting) No pharmacy in Canada was able to do that...or those that were were unwilling to assist me. Outrageous. Yes. Unbelievable. Truly. Just one of the many roadblocks we have faced since getting back from California. There seems to never be anything simple or straightforward about this process. Ever.

However, we found a pharmacy across the line that could and would re-constitute my meds for me. God Bless America. So, Graham and I set out for the pharmacy in Bellingham today. I suspect this is will be the beginning of many, many trips.

This morning I ran my third dose of IV Rocephin. And I am really beginning to feel rough. I had 3 weeks of Bicillin injections prior to getting my PICC line in and starting the IV Rocephin. I had my last Bicillin injection on Tuesday and then started IV 2 days later. This morning I ran my third dose of IV. I am beginning to feel very rough.

By the time we got home today, every bone in my body was screaming with hot, angry fury. My feet and hands are burning. My head feels like it is going to implode. My eyesight is coming and going. A cavalcade of insanity is starting to roll over me.

I believe a herx is now rolling my way.

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