October 17, 2010


the kids have wanted a dog FOREVER
i mean, FOREVER and EVER and infinity
our answer has always been when we get a house with a yard

then before that could happen,
lyme happened
i got sick
doctors in canada don't treat lyme

so, we had to fly to the USA
our pay out-of-pocket for medical care and treatment

then, 3 years after that, both the boys got sick with lyme
the doctors in canada still didn't treat lyme

so, we had to take them to our doctor in the USA

we all had to fly south again and again and again

our medical expenses soared and our finances plummeted
our bills are astronomical and piling up
then our van met it's untimely demise

suffice it to say, we still don't own a house
we still don't have a yard
the boys are still sick
i'm still not better but i'm doing a lot better
and... and... and... and... and...
the ands are endless

i am tired of our life and our dreams being put on paws,
(really honest to goodness no pun intended)
i think our family actually NEEDS a dog

well, yeah, like we need a shot in the head!
like we need MORE stress, MORE expenses, MORE headaches, MORE medical bills,
like i (or mostly graham) needs another mammal to be responsible for, to take care of, to clean up after, and to feed

no way! we do NOT need a dog!
but then again
rational thought aside, i think we do.

i really do
i think yes, the need for a dog is real
no matter how much we want or think we need one,
we cannot take on a dog!
no way, no how!
we just cannot, can NOT see a way!

so that is why we decided to PRAY!

pray for God to send us a dog
for if we really, really, really need a dog
than God will make a way
if we really, really, really need a dog
than it must come from the hand of God

after all, humanly speaking, getting a dog is a really bad idea - a really bad and really dumb idea. in fact, it is totally ludicrous that we would even entertain the idea
it probably makes us certifiable that we would fervently petition the Lord for it!

but pray, oh boy, have we prayed
prayed, and prayed and prayed
for more than a year we have prayed nearly every day
just so that our prayers could be as specific as possible
we named him, yes, we already named our yet-to-be-had dog from God

we named him Harrison

the name was a nearly unanimous decision
except for poor avery
she wanted to name our dog alison
alice, for short
she was adamant about it
emphatically stated,
"the name Harrison gives me a headache"

taylor countered,
"i will move out if you call our dog alice"
and so with a 4 to 1 vote, it was decided, harrison it would be

from then on,every time avery prayed
she asked God to send us Harrison
to please change our minds about his name.

this fall, the petitions for God to send us Harrison grew louder and more fervent with each passing day. we kept saying, 

"kids just keep praying. we don't see a way.we can't make a way but don't give up on your dream of owning a dog."

and while we are praying, let's start saving
here's a "harrison puppy piggy bank"...

sure, it's actually a little creepy and we've only got pennies to put in it but that's a start
God knows your heart
he hears your prayers
one day,
some how,
some way,
he'll bring Harrison our way!

and then it happened...

one, small, hypoallergenic miracle
Harrison, our dog from God arrived today!

and how in the world did this answer to prayer, this hypo-allergenic miracle come about?

well, you see, God's been working in the hearts of two mighty fine women
one we know

one we have never met

the one we know
her name is tammy
she knew how very badly we wanted a puppy and so she's been secretly looking for a puppy for us

when she finally found "the perfect one", it turns out that he was more than she could afford
but she emailed the breeder, a lady that none of us know, and she told her the story - about us and our lyme, the whole sordid tail (no pun intended),and then she asked the lady if she could please make a deal.

the breeder emailed her back and she said,

"i won't make a deal - but here's what i'll do, i want to give you the puppy for free to give to them!"

isn't that the one of the most amazing and generous and tear-jerker answers to pray ever?

thank you, God!

Harrison Phineas Goertzen is our dog from God. 
he is proof that you do answer prayers,
big ones,
small ones,
even hypoallergenic, crazy, hair brained ones.
and thank you to Lynne, whom i've never met, thank you for your warm heart and the gift of this precious furball. and thank you to the Herman family for making this happen and completing our family for us.

and THANK THE LORD, we can vaccinate HARRISON against LYME!

welcome to our family, Harrison.

we've already loved you forever.


CashierChris said...

So cute!

Very happy for you all.


Chris & Rosalie

Renee said...

Your newest family member is adorable and will bring you so much joy. Don't you just love how GOd answers our prayers! He cares about the desires of our heart...
Welcome, Harrison, to a great family. You will be loved!