March 21, 2011


believe it or not, the flu has struck our home...again.
unbelievable. i know.
high fevers. headaches. ear aches. super sore throat and wretched cough.
our home has become a revolving door for this stupid flu that won't go away.
avery was home from school with it last week
taylor hasn't spiked a fever but nonetheless he's been feeling pretty wretched and has spent a lot of the past week in bed
parker woke up with it saturday morning.
he was sick. sick. sick.
i was still biding most of my time flat on my back. and graham was working. needless to say, saturday was a really longgggggg day.

today we left for seattle. we have appointments with DR D tomorrow. the past 2 weeks have been pretty grim for me and when parker came down with the flu on saturday, i was wondering just how in the world we were going to manage the 2.5 hour drive down to seattle. but it never ceases to amaze me how rapidly things can change with our conditions.

by yesterday, both parker and i were significantly improved. i am so thankful for that. our drive down was fairly uneventful. and believe it or not, i even had the energy to pop into a ross dress for less on the way down. that was nice. about the last time i was out and about (other than going to doctor's appointments) was when we were in SF 5 weeks ago. believe it or not, about the only thing i did while we were there (other than going to doctor's appointments) was popping in to a ross dress for less. i think i see a pattern developing.

have a herx.
get the flu.
shop at ross.
have a herx.
get the flu.
shop at ross.

is ross the cure or the curse?
graham would say it's a curse.
i would beg to disagree.

i am currently writing this from our hotel room in seattle where, believe it or not, i just christened the porcelain bowl with a round of barfing. great. just great. i'm not sure if it's the flu or not. after all, i've been barfing for the past 4 months. i suspect it could be the flu tho' as my regular barfing is usually accompanied by pretty vile retching - this time around i kept that down to a dull roar. did i mention we're staying at the red LION hotel? ha ha.

avery has recovered from her bout with the flu and graham has not succumbed to it...yet. however, i'm barfing and parker is hacking up a lung and considering we're all cooped up in a tiny hotel room, i'm sure it's just a matter of time before one or both of them come down with it. altho' avery is taking precautions... and has sequestered herself in the closet. yes. she doesn't want to share a bed with parker so, believe it or not, she's sleeping in the closet.

avery's closet accommodations

taylor stayed home this time. poor guy had to drag himself to work today. we're sad he's there and we're here but i'm sure he's glad to have a little peace and quiet. taylor's girlfriend, mara, volunteered to babysit harrison while we are away. and her parent's very generously opened up their home to our furry baby. i think it was a very big deal for her parent's to "allow" a dog to stay at their home. i'd hazard a guess, that their regretting that decision about now.

harrison and mara

apparently, he peed on their carpet the first hour he was there. i can't believe it! yup, he took a whizz on those poor people's beautiful, pristine white carpet. believe it or not, he's not had an accident in months. way to make a first impression, harrison. i wouldn't be surprised at all, if mara's mom and dad kick you to the curb.

well, i'm off to barf and then off to bed.
tomorrow, we'll see DR D
maybe, just maybe, barfing and all, i'll pop into another ross afterward

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