July 19, 2011


avery spent last week at camp
it was the longest week.....ever.

all packed up and raring to go!

8 days. that is a very, very, very long time. after all, she's "only" 8! it was the longest we've been apart. sure, we've been going to SF to see DR H for several years now, and most of those trips we've left her behind, however those trips are only 4 nights and we can talk to her every day and she's 'safe' at home in familiar surroundings with my parents and graham's mom. this was 7 whole nights in an unfamiliar setting and no real contact! (altho' the camp did have a blog - and you better believe i relentlessly stalked that site hoping to catch glimpses of my girl and hear snippets of what was happening!) even so, i don't know how we survived! it was very quiet around here.

and away she went...without even so much as a backward glance!

yes, it was the longest week ever...for us anyhow. she did just fine. we missed her like crazy... apparently she only missed the dog.

when asked if she had missed us, she replied,

"no, not really. but one day i just burst into tears because i was missing harrison so bad. i was so worried that i was starting to forget what his beautiful furry face looked like."

maybe if i stop waxing my upper lip, she'll be worried about forgetting my furry face too.

the camp she attended is a salvation army camp. camp sunrise. several weeks before she left, she overheard me telling someone over the phone that "avery is getting to go to salvation army camp this summer". immediately following my comment, i heard a sharp intake of breath and two very huge blue eyes peered around the corner at me and she screeched,

"what? you are sending me to boot camp?"

ah yes. in this house, all things associated with army are immediately associated with the military type of army. it was a cute, funny mishap! boy, am i glad she spoke up! can you imagine if she hadn't? poor kid!

army camp was actually a performing arts and music camp on gibsons. drama and singing are right up avery's alley! she was very, very excited to go and hoping that it was going to be like the disney movie, 'camp rock'. i'm pretty sure it proved to be. the week long camp was wrapped up with a big performance by all the campers for their families.

the glee girls

avery did a 'glee-inspired' dance and singing routine with a group of girls and then sang and had a little part in the big musical. it was so exciting to see her and we were so super grateful that it was possible for her to go to camp.

first glimpse i caught of her from the camp blog
i nearly fainted i felt such relief to see that happy smile

there are a lot of folks who made it possible for her to go. and we are so appreciative. thank you. a lot of those that contributed funds to send her have remained anonymous - thank you to each and every one of you.

and thank you to my friend gill. who not o
nly spear headed the 'send avery to camp' campaign but also took on the impossible task of being the cabin leader for a gaggle of 8 year old girls...and on top that, she had all 3 of her children, age 8, 6 and 3 at camp with her. you truly rock gill. i don't know how you ever survived. we are so grateful that you would give so much of yourself to make this experience possible for avery.

gillian and her babies

again, thank you to all of you who made this special experience possible. as we were sitting through the week ends musical performance and listening to the lyrics being sung by the kids, i got so emotional. the skits had great meaning and the words of the songs were so meaningful. i am just so grateful that my daughter spent a week immersed in that. i hope
she absorbed it and soaked it in like a sponge.

what a gift. i hope she never forgets and never doubts what a gift she is.

avery's online singing debut:
i am a promise...i am a possibility

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