May 6, 2012


May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

There are multiple ways to spread awareness about lyme and show your support to those of us fighting this insidious disease.

Lyme Disease is an "invisible" disease - from all ends of the spectrum. most of the time, people with lyme don't "look" sick. this makes it hard for people to understand just how ill they are. this leads to misunderstanding, skepticism and isolation. folks fighting lyme often face ridicule and hostility before being all together abandoned by the non-literate medical community. those in their support network begin to question the validity of their illness...'if they were really "that" sick no doctor would refuse to help or treat them'. in time, they face isolation and hurt as friends they thought they could count on choose to walk away. either burn out from the length of the battle or skeptical that they are really "that" sick. 

lyme is isolating, painful, frightening, debilitating and deadly.

here a 2 simple ways to let us know we are not alone:

1. turn your porchlight green! green lightbulbs can be purchased at target or canadian tire for roughly 2 bucks. (if these 2 chains carry them, i'm sure they can also be found at home depot, walmart, or zellers.)  

2. turn your FB profile pic green! i have an album of lyme related pictures and slogans - like some contained in this post - it would be great to see my friend list glowing green... even for a day!

light up our life by turning your world green

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