April 26, 2013


my kids got a package in the mail this week.
it came all the way from australia.
a blog reader and fellow lyme warrior sent us a package full of love from down under.

amazing how a stranger can reach out over the miles and make you feel enveloped in love.

a friend dropped by with dinner for our family this week.
cooking up a storm for us on her day off.
accompanying the delicious meals was an envelope 

the envelope contained a cheque.
a cheque that will pay for one dose of the IVIG medicine that sparky needs.

amazing how a friend can give so much. love so much. care so much. (& cook so much!)

the arrival of this envelope means that we can start IVIG within the time frame that DR H wanted. if all goes as planned, sparky will have his first IVIG infusion in 3 weeks! 

amazing how God keeps meeting our needs.

as i sat here writing this post today, a friend sent me a message on FB
telling me to check my email inbox

there in my inbox was a letter from her.

she wants to start a campaign to help raise the funds we need for sparky's treatment 
she has a plan she's just about ready to launch.

her letter is a labor of love 
a letter of hope.

 amazing to have a friend put their love into action on your behalf.

humbling to be so enveloped in love.  

amazing how God is walking ahead of us. 

even in our most desperate hours, He envelopes us in love.

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