June 17, 2013


last nite my hubby dreamed of the royals.
he is not a royal watcher.
so this is odd.
(personally i think it's odd whether you are a royal watcher or not)

to my great relief, he did not dream about having tea with the queen.
that would have taken it from odd to weird and creepy.

he was at buckingham palace hobnobbing with prince harry.

according to graham, prince harry is a rather funny chap.

so the dream continues...
he and harry were just shooting the breeze, enjoying an easy going camaraderie within the privacy of the palace.
he refuses to divulge any details about their chummy conversations as he says i'm not privy to royal rhetoric.


but this is the part he would tell me about;

he and harry were getting along grandly until a disheveled man in a surgical mask burst into the ballroom they were in.
turns out the masked man was a surgeon.
he was haphazardly holding all sorts surgical supplies
he began excitedly waving them towards graham and yelling,

"check this one out! this is what i'm going to implant into your son!" 

graham immediately felt alarmed

"ummm, that hose-thingy looks about 12 inches too big in diameter." he nervously stated.

"oh, no it's the perfect size. and it's your lucky day - this is the last one!" the surgeon cackled.

graham eyeballed the unusual device... the "out-of-its-sterile packaging, swinging-thru-the-stale, damp air of a 300 year old castle" device

with his heart in his throat and mouth dry as a desert, he managed to squeak out, "ummm, i think i need to run this past my wife. that, ummm, doesn't look quite right to me but she's the one with the medical expertise."
(that's my favorite part of the dream)

he remembers that moment in his dream, 
the sheer panic 
and how he couldn't think straight
how his limbs went numb
his movements became slow and methodical.

he fumbled for his cell phone
then just stared at it.

he had know idea how to work it.

he turned to his buddy, the prince, "do you have a phone i could use?'

"sure thing." came prince harry's lilting british reply, "there is one in the palace infirmary. come along now, mate, follow me."

then began the walk through endless, winding corridors. carried on trembling knees and spaghetti legs. buckingham was more cavernous warehouse than palace.

finally, they reached he infirmary
the phone.

the giant rotary phone

graham kept trying to dial
wooden arms
fumbling fingers
made it next to impossible

just at that moment, the queen came in and proclaimed,

ok, so the queen part of the dream is not true... but it would make the story that.much.better
it does provide a perfect segue from dream to reality.

reality is that sparky will undergo 2 procedures in the USA tomorrow (tuesday).

my hubby's bizarre royal dream is a clear indication that we are all pretty stressed. (either that or he is eating way too much cheese before bed)

we are asking for your prayers

for safe travel
for the procedures to go smoothly
for the recovery & healing process (2-4 weeks)
all the specifics that we can't go into detail with because we have to be a bit "on guard".

the procedures will take place from noon to 3pm. he will require sedation. we are concerned about this as he has a mast cell disorder called MCAD. this means that his body can be hyper reactive to certain medications and puts him at risk of going into anaphylaxis. because of this, he is on a regime consisting of prednisone, benadryl, ketotifen, cromolyn, ranitidine and cetrizine. the prednisone is a steroid and is not ideal with lyme because it suppresses the immune system. however, it is a necessary evil at this time. the other medications are part of his normally prescribed treatment plan to control his MCAD. the dosing has just been increased with them.

we are thankful for the medical team - the surgeon and 2 nurses that will be assisting. they have bent over backwards over these last 2 weeks to make all the arrangements necessary. we believe that they are well equipped and prepared to handle his unique case.

it has taken several hours worth of phone calls and consults to make this happen.  i have talked at length with the head nurse. we have had much trepidation over this. we have prayed and wished and hoped that this would not be a needed step on our journey, yet here we are. once again, faced with the challenge of taking a leap of faith. graham has been much more sure-footed than i.  however, during my last phone call with the nurse, i did finally have a sense of peace wash over me - but, to be totally truthful, in the last 24 hours, i think it washed right over me and kept going... 

we are nervous. sparky is scared. it's a lot to handle.

yet, we trust God goes before us. walks beside us. and stands behind us.

please keep us in your prayers

and, of course,

God save the queen.

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