May 31, 2015


Dearest Daniel, Tanner & Ride for Lyme Support Team;

There are many parallels that can be drawn between the road traveled by Chronic Lyme patients and the journey you, Daniel and Tanner, have undertaken with your Ride for Lyme.

Fighting and living with Chronic Lyme is not unlike the terrain you have encountered thus far as you pedal your way across this great country of ours - from the grueling climbs of the mountain passes to the long, barren stretches across the grand expanse of the Canadian prairies. 

As you relentlessly push forward through each valley and over every peak, you become more conditioned and better equipped for the trials and unforeseen forks in the road this journey will take you on. Even so, and as it is with living with Lyme, it will never get easier to maneuver the unforeseen bumps in the road - the potholes, the nails and flats yet to be encountered. There are sure to be days that will empty you of every single ounce of energy and you will wonder how you will find the strength to keep going... day after day after day. There will also be days you hit your stride and just cruise along... sun warming your head and wind at your back. 

Much like Lyme, this ride will take everything out of you. Most likely, you will mentally, emotionally and physically hit the proverbial wall - maybe even more than once. It will require more strength, more perseverance, more stamina than you have ever imagined you are capable of. 

Along the way, you will encounter some of the most courageous, caring and resilient people you have ever met - the Lyme patients themselves. And you will learn just how the land and your ride mirrors the effort it takes to live with and the fight that it takes to heal from this insidious disease. We have no doubt that these warriors will lift you up, support you and cheer you on towards the finish line. That is what the Lyme community does for each of its own. And you guys are one of our own now.

You will have to dig deep in order to keep moving forward in your pursuit of that finish line and yet...we have no doubt that you will finish. In fact, you will finish strong and changed. Forever changed. Stronger. Braver. More appreciative of life. Awed by the capacity of the human spirit and body to endure. More compassionate. More open. More aware.  Lyme has a way of doing that to people.

Thank you Daniel and Tanner for being that visual representation of our journey with Lyme & the road to recovery... for showing us that every journey has a start and a finish line. In much the same way that every Lyme patient has a start to their story - stories and lives that matter very much and are finally being heard through your daily ride dedications and interviews with the media - even though, few have crossed their finish line yet...we believe that each and every one can find their way across the finish line. We truly believe that there is a road out of this disease for everyone and that healing and recovery is possible.

We hope and pray that Ride for Lyme will pave the way for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease in Canada...and that each and every story told along the way will be the spark that ignites a flame of awareness, compassion and care across our country. 

Ride on, Ride for Lyme, Ride on!

With deepest gratitude, 

Graham and Shannon Goertzen
Taylor, Parker, Avery and our fur-baby, Harrison #lymepooch

Info about Ride for Lyme: (source: press release)

"At sunrise on May 11, 2015, Niagara, ON natives, 22 year old Daniel Corso and long time friend, Tanner Cookson began their 8,000 km bike ride across Canada to raise awareness and funds for Lyme Disease. 

The ride began in Victoria, BC at the Terry Fox "Mile 0" mark. The goal is to complete the ride in St. John's, Newfoundland by July 7, 2015.

A close Corso family friend, 24 year old Adelaine, who suffers from Chronic Lyme Disease, was the initial inspiration for the ride; however, after learning the Canadian Health System does not recognize, effectively diagnose or provide treatment for the thousands of Canadians infected by Lyme, the ride became crucial.

"We will be riding across the country this spring to give hope to those who suffer from the disease." added Corso

What Ride for Lyme wants to accomplish:

1. Raise $100,000 in donations for Canlyme for Lyme research
2. Appeal to the Canadian government to address the need for effective testing in Canada
3. Bring awareness to the sympotoms, testing and treatment of Lyme

Please visit the Ride for Lyme website at:

Be sure to follow the Ride for Lyme journey on social media -
Facebook - Ride for Lyme
Twitter - Ride for Lyme @rideforlyme
Instagram - RIDE_FOR_LYME

As of Saturday, May 30, 2015, the dynamic duo has already reached Winnipeg, Manitoba!

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Anonymous said...

So incredibly well said, Shannon. You and your family never cease to amaze me with your spunk and gutsy determination. Know that I am cheering your family on from afar and even if we don't chat often, you are constantly on my mind.
Big hugs from the island...xxxxx