March 28, 2008


Currently I am desperately trying to find a doctor who will continue to treat me after my 3 months of IV finish on April 15.

ID doc has 'fired' me.
Dr M is retired.

Dr M's replacement has quit.
My family doc won't treat me.

My family doc of 17 years acknowledges that my LD dx is correct. She even recognizes that treatment was making me better. Yet, she has refused to "get involved in the controversy surrounding treatment."So she has refused to treat me, but wants to 'help'.
Unfortunately, her idea of 'help' is to fill out my application for disability and send me ping-ponging through another line up of specialists and appointments. As far as I'm concerned this quite frankly is the equivalent of playing pass the hot potato albeit it's my life and my health that they are playing with.

I am currently awaiting appointments with
2 internists, an immunologist and another GP.
I am also starting to research LLMD in the States...I really can't believe that it will come to that but I'm starting to really think that it will.

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