April 17, 2008


Still desperately trying to find a doctor who will be willing to treat me.

Besides heading to my scheduled appointments with varying specialists, we decided to try our luck at a walk-in clinic. A couple of months ago, while I was still on IV treatment I had popped into a walk in clinic to get a renewal on a rx.

The doctor I saw there was very nice and personable. He noticed my PICC line and asked as to what I was being treated for.
"Lyme Disease." I said and held my breath. "Are you familiar with it?" "Somewhat. I know that we used to think it was really rare but we're finding out that that was wrong." Holy Moley, I nearly fell off my chair. Maybe this guy is a tad bit Lyme literate.

Of course, I'm always on the look out to find a medical ally in this battle and so I casually mentioned that the doc treating me has recently retired and as a result I need a new doc.
"Would you be willing to treat me?" I asked with as neutral a tone as possible. "I'd certainly be willing to see you as a patient but I would need to take a look at your history."

Well, this certainly looks hopeful I thought.
Before I left the office, I had my records from DR M sent over.

Now, fast forward to today.

I'm feeling pretty desperate and panicky, trying to strategize what to do and where to go next. Then I remembered this little visit i had with this doc a couple months ago and figured its worth a try.

This appointment reached absolutely ridiculous proportions.
Seriuosly, why do I bother anymore?
The doc gave no credence or any level of importance to DR M's diagnosis, my treatment and my positive response to treatment.
Rather, he ignored any evidence of my LD and quite literally grasped at straws in order to refute my diagnosis which of course, therefore abdicates any responsibility that would be on his part to treat me.

He finally asked me what my symptoms were. I was only able to say joint pain and blind spots before he interrupted me and said "oh, are you fatigued as well?" when I responded in the affirmative, he immediately said, " I think you are depressed."
My mouth hit the floor. Are you serious?
He quickly followed up with, "Well maybe I should ask you if you are depressed."
Really, do you think?
Graham who was sitting beside me lost it on the guy.

Graham eventually confronted him on it. "My wife is NOT depressed. When was the last time that you read about depression causing blind spots, breathing apnea and arthritis?
Then he confronted him on the fact that he was totally disregarding Dr M's diagnosis and expertise on LD.

Dr Depressions rebuttal was that Dr M had a special interest in LD so therefore he was going to see LD in all his patients. He backed up this ridiculous ascertation by suggesting that other specialties do that too - such as this well known Doc in Vancouver who specializes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, according to Dr Depression's professional opinion that doc thinks everyone he sees has CFS.

We sat there thinking does this guy have any clue how asinine his theory is?

Became an even bigger joke when we found out HIS special interest in medical school was DEPRESSION. HA!

Graham pressed him on this by applying his theory and suggesting that quite possibly then he was just 'seeing' depression as a causative because that was his specialty.

Somehow Dr Depression didn't think his theory applied to himself.

The most revolting thing about this appointment today was that he INSISTED on seeing my parents in his office in order to find out if there is any family history of depression or mental illness.
There is NOT but he refused to take my word for it.
We offered to phone my folks and let him talk via phone.
he refused.
He insisted that my parents come IN TO HIS OFFICE.

I am a 34 year old woman, the wife and mother of 3 children and I have to bring my mommy and daddy to the doctor with me.

It's totally nuts.

I can't believe I am still sane.

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