January 21, 2010


parker has been admitted to hospital. it has been an incredibly long nite. we arrived at ER at 8pm. he was finally seen around 11pm. the ER doc did a preliminary neurological assessment and found some mild abnormal responses. given that, and based on the fact that he has been sick and in pain for 4 months and now has developed tremors and pretty much has really deteriorated in the last 3 weeks, the doc said he would admit him and get the ball rolling on a team of specialists.

parker is upset to have to stay. he is fed up, in terrible pain, scared, frustrated and mad and yet, he still manages to smile his sweet smile and maintain his unique sense of humor. thus far, tonight (or early this morning, i think it is) he endured getting his first IV and finally 8 hours AFTER being admitted, he was finally given morphine through his IV. that was at 4am this morning. when i left at 4:30am it had had little effect. graham is staying with him and i am home to hopefully get an hour or two of sleep before having to get Avery off to school and then i will be heading right back to the hospital.

it has been an incredibly difficult and emotionally draining night. it is painful enough to watch your child suffer, and then there is the pain of having to recount the past 4 months over and over and over to multiple doctors - on top of that, naturally, MY lyme diagnosis was met with skepticism and questioning. we are there for parker. this is about parker...and yet we have to contend with 101 questions about MY lyme.

a team of doctors; pediactrics, pain management and neurology will be evaluating him in the morning.
thank you God. our prayer that they would DO something this time has been answered.

pls pray for these consultations tomorrow (this) morning. the doctors will be seeing him sometime between 8am to 10am.
we are praying that if there is something other than lyme to be found, that it will be found and this nightmare can end.


miss kitten said...

bless his sweet little heart. may the doctors find SOMETHING because by the gods, pain is NOT a normal condition. nor are tremors, or all the other upsets the poor little thing is going through.

now...mama, you remember to be good to YOU, too. he needs you as "with it" as possible. make sure you take the time to do something nice for yourself, even if its just 5 minutes for a cup of tea/coffee/hot cocoa. *hugs*

Renee said...

Dear Lord Jesus
You are a God of miracles...you can move mountains and we ask this day for mountains to be moved for your sweet child Parker. He needs relief from his pain, he needs a diagnosis that can bring him help and healing. Lord give the specialists insights into the cause of his symptoms, and let it come quickly Lord. May the doctors put aside their prejudices with Lyme and concentrate of finding help for this innocent child. Give Shannon and her husband the strength needed to be there for Parker and advocate for him.
We lift Parker up to you Lord.
In Jesus name

Anonymous said...


All I can say right now is "Praise the Lord" let's get this figured out and get Parker on the way to recovery. What a horrible time for all of you. Praying constantly.