April 5, 2010


so we experienced an Easter egg robbery this year.
it really happened
an Easter egg pilferage

the scene of the crime took place at my folks
the whole family was gathered
to celebrate the resurrection of our savior
yes, in our family, part of that celebration includes an Easter egg hunt

my folks live in a condo
so ok, it's not like they've got a fenced in private backyard to call their own
there is a snippet of lawn on their premises
and they had reserved it for the grand kid's egg retrieval gaiety.

this grassy little knoll is just off the patio that adjoins their condo's common room

yes, the condo's common room
where we all gathered
lazily basking in the glow of each others company
enjoying the view of our grassy little knoll through the big, beautiful windows that so grandly frame it

and then
we saw HER

a pint sized perpetrator in a peach colored wind breaker
stealthily tip toeing off with something in her greedy little grasp.

not sure who regained their voice first
maybe our niece
maybe our nephew
maybe one of our kids

but suddenly our stunned silence erupted into indignant and bewildered murmuring
"hey that little girl is stealing our Easter eggs"

i think i yelled,
"let's get her"

but alas
sure enough
before we could launch a defensive, she skipped over the knoll and out of sight
no doubt in one furious flurry of face-stuffing, she consumed our ill-gotten chocolate the moment she was out of sight

where'd she go?

dear unidentified little girl:

it is a very naughty, naughty thing to steal Easter eggs. our family watched with horrified shock as you waltzed into my parent's duly reserved knoll and stole their grand kid's Easter eggs. the audacity of your crime rendered us defenseless. you may have gotten away with it this time, but next year we will be waiting. we will guard our eggs as enthusiastically and passionately as we hunt them. oh yes, next year, we plan to take the hunt to a whole new level.

arm children with nerf sniper guns for next year's Easter egg hunt

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