May 7, 2011


avery's big little debut on TV has rapped and aside from getting hit in the head, a few technical difficulties and a knifing incident, i'd say it was a grand success.

oh my - such violence on a morning news program? sounds more like prime time TV rather than a morning talk show. ha ha. but now that i've peaked your curiousity (and in case you missed the titillating broadcast), here's a link so you too can see just exactly what i'm talking about:

avery was missing for the first segment (we were late - big surprise) but she was there in time for the taping of the second segment and ended up getting asked if she would say a line. she was ALL OVER THAT!

even though the show was live - there were little intervals of time between segments so she got to practice her big line quick before she had to deliver it live. the mic wasn't working properly during the little practice and so the reporter tried fiddling with it and ended up bonking her in the head with it. naturally, she responded with all the drama of a seasoned starlet...

the pre-air bonk...

then when it came time to deliver her big line live, she AD-LIBBED;

instead of saying;
"your watching breakfast television, stay tuned..."

she ad libbed
"you're watching breakfast television, don't go anywhere!"

avery's ad lib caught the reporter a bit off guard - if you look closely at the above photo you can see it in his eyes. they are just ever so slightly bugging out of his head. ha ha! to top it off, after that, everytime he safely signed off each segment himself, she would pipe up with a...

"hey, that's MY line!"

let me tell you, given that avery and her BFF Fiona were in this production together that reporter actually has no idea the endless possibilities of smarty pants remarks he sidestepped. those 2 girls never run dry on wit. fiona's mom and i would not have been surprised had those 2 turned it into an episode of 'i love lucy'.

sure looks like they were up to something!

i'm so glad they could be in it together. what a fun memory for them to share. and thank you to fiona's mom, tammy, who did such an amazing job of capturing so many of these incredible photos.

avery and fiona aka lucy and ethel

these two already have a stockpile of memories - they've been a lucy and ethel duo since they were 2.5 and in preschool together. way back then, they were already regailing their preschool teacher with a steady flow of hilarious subject matter.

avery was absolutely in her element and had a grand time. altho' the little boy who sliced his finger during the potato prep segment probably didn't have such a good time. poor little guy cut his finger - if you watch carefully during that segment, towards the end of it, to the left of your screen, you'll see mr lai and the boy quietly sliding off camera - that's because the poor child was bleeding from his wound. (he's fine - it was just minor cut and was quickly bandaged up.) i guess that's what you'd call a "wrap".

btw, those potatoes - they were absolutely divine.

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