May 3, 2011


april showers bring may flowers!

the last bit of april and this first bit of may has been a whirlwind of noteworthy events - both worldwide and in our own little world.

most recently on the world stage, of course, is the demise of bin laden and
the conservative party gaining majority government here in canada.
hard to believe.
that's all i have to say about either.

may is also lyme disease awareness month.
in the weeks to come, i'll have a lot to say about that...

aforementioned aside, there has been many more events crammed into the end of april and beginning of may.if i may, here's a bit of a recap:

after enjoying about 10 days of relatively decent health (minus a few mashed toes) i capped off the end of the month with a royally massive herx which was a royal pain in the butt. once again, i found myself spending a lot of time barfing, sitting on the porcelain throne and reaching for the ativan.

royally unimpressed

my herx happened to coincide with the royal wedding and the ensuing media blitz incurred by it. there was no getting away from it...but i admit, i probably would've watched it even if i wasn't laid up on the couch herxing. the wedding was nice and they make a very cute couple but i'm pretty much over it now. fortunately, i'm over my herx too. it got pretty rough again but it was relatively short-lived.

speaking of the need for ativan, how about that game 7? oh my! gimme a woot! woot! the vancouver canucks finally defeated the blackhawks. and now we're into round 2 of what is proving to be some major nail biting playoff hockey.
what's with the double overtime?!

of course, hockey also conjures up images of toothlessness.

and my daughter has had a gap toothed smile for 6 years. her front tooth has finally started to come in! this is a huge deal - she hasn't had a front tooth since her baby tooth was knocked out when she was 2.

on april 30th, taylor's girlfriend mara got baptized! what a joyful and blessed way to end off april! we're so proud of you mara! over this past year, we've seen such growth and maturing of your faith. it is evident that you love jesus. we love you.

april "showers"...

mara and pastor mark

...bring may flowers & avery's birthday!

on may 2 we celebrated avery's 8th birthday. wow. my baby is 8.

i've been working on a post (hopefully be up shortly) about my girl. she has an infectious joy, incredible compassion, a sensitive heart and is wickedly hilarious. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! oh my, the things my daughter has to say! her sense of humor is unbridled and unedited.

speaking of unedited, avery will be on a LIVE TV SHOW tomorrow morning - tomorrow being wednesday, may 4.
and yes, that's right, the show will air LIVE! along with several of her classmates, she will be appearing on the Breakfast Television show on City TV - channel 13 or HDTV channel 214. (on shaw)
the segments she will be in will air at 6:46am, 7:08am, 7:47am and 8:25am (just to be exact!).

i'm not sure if the show can be watched on line - but here is the website for the show:
breakfast television vancouver

and what per chance is the show about?
wait for it...
wait for it...

it's about gardening and cooking!!
given my lack of skill in either department, it is pretty ironic that my daughter will be on TV DEMONSTRATING how to do both. wow.

avery is super excited to do this. we are excited for her. when i told her that she had been picked to be one of the students on the show, she jumped up and down and shrieked, "awesome!"
then she paused,
held up her finger,
cocked her head to the side,
arched her eyebrows,
looked out of the corner of her eye,
and quipped,
"ummmm, they're not going to make me wear an apron are they?"

ha ha
atta girl!

like i said, the show will air LIVE.

be sure to tune in, it could be very entertaining.

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Gillian said...

Way to go Avery! We miss you, sunshine, and are so thankful for all the joy you bring - especially to your beautiful mama.

Lotsa Love,
The Martens Clan