November 2, 2011


today, parker had his follow-up appointment with the surgeon in regards to the gall bladder attack that landed him in the ER back in july. at that time, an ultrasound revealed that he had 3 massive gall stones. this earned him an immediate referral and appointment with a surgeon at BCCH. 

a "3 month wait and see approach" was the outcome of his initial visit.

if, at any time during those 3 months, he continued to have gallbladder pain and/or attacks, he would be headed for the OR. if not, we would have a followup ultrasound and appointment scheduled at the end of the 3 months and re-evaluate then. this "wait and see" time frame allowed DR H to start parker on some specific medications in order to try and break down the stones. (parker had already been on one of these meds b/c gall bladder complications are common with LD. the dose on this med was increased and an additional one was introduced). this treatment was met with much skepticism by the surgeon. however, he agreed that we had nothing to lose by trying it. DR H wasn't even sure it would work - he told parker he would do whatever he could to try and keep him out of the OR but that he should be prepared for the fact that he would probably lose his gallbladder. we started him on the meds and prayed...

parker had a follow-up ultrasound done on oct that time the lab tech told me that everything looked "fine". we expected to get good news today but were still holding our breath until the final lab results and ultrasound report were in.

i am pleased to announce that we "FIRED" parker's surgeon today.

the final lab report and ultrasound results are conclusive. parker's gallstones are GONE. totally, completely, 100% gonzo! the surgeon was stunned. he said that he has seen this happen before but it is very, very rare.

"complete interval resolution of previously noted cholelithiasis/gallstones"

parker was over the moon! for a kid who is used to (and fed up) with hearing "weird" and "rare" assigned to his symptoms as a negative connotation, he was thrilled to have "rare" be associated with a positive health anomaly. he was so happy, he was beaming. me too!

Praise God for the healing power of prayer, actigal and ox-bile!

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Kathy said...

Sooo happy for you!!!