February 26, 2012


Be this the purpose of my soul
My solemn, my determined choice:
To yield to God’s supreme control,
And in my every trial rejoice.

graham was out for a prayer walk earlier this week. as he prayed, "restoration" became the central focus of his prayer time.

restoration in the sense of healing for parker's body
restoration in the sense of restorative justice 

as he drew his prayer to a close
he looked up just in time to see a truck driving past
it was truck for a restoration business

it read

probably only in our lives would we take divine inspiration from the side of a truck but it was pretty cool

"proclaim restoration" 
has been our hearts prayer ever since. 
we ask that you join us in proclaiming restoration over our situation.

PROCLAIM: to declare in an official manner; state emphatically and authoritatively

we have both felt very strongly that God is calling us to "quiet action" - which has really meant actively seeking God and quietly waiting on Him and His direction. this week we felt the freedom to make our case 'known' in a more official manner and we took our first step into a process which we hope and pray will bring about some form of justice and restoration. with a click of a mouse and on a wing and a prayer, we sent out a 5 page letter that proclaims the travesty that has been done to our son and our family. 

please pray that the 2 recipients of this letter will be moved into action. pray for us as we once again enter a phase of quietly waiting on God's direction.

RESTORATION: renewal, replacement, restitution, renovation.

clearly, restoration of our circumstance needs to take place.

1. renewal; to bring back to a state of health, soundness and vigor. pray for the renewal of parker's mind and body

2. replacement; to re-instate. should DR H and DR D be unable to stabilize parker with oral meds, pray that access to IV treatment will be re-instated. we are boldly praying that God would make a way for our son's PICC line to be re-instated here in canada. (wouldn't THAT be something!)

3. restitution; restitution of something taken away or lost. we firmly believe that the wrong that has been done here needs to be made right. we are still praying for a brilliant lawyer to take on our case. 

3. renovation; to overhaul. the systemic bias against diagnosing and treating lyme disease is in need of a desperate overhaul. pray that our son's case will be instrumental in changing the landscape of hostility and denial leveled against lyme patients and that it would pave the way for change.

lastly, and most importantly,
PROCLAIM is also defined as "to praise or extol"

"Fill thou my life, O Lord my God,
in every part with praise,
that my whole being may proclaim
thy being and thy ways.

So shall each fear, each fret, each care
be turned into a song,
and every winding of the way
the echo shall prolong"
~Horatius Bonar

above anything else, we seek to bring glory and honor to God. it is only by the Grace of God that we are still standing in the midst of this storm. yes, i have moments, even days, when i am completely overwhelmed by our circumstance. i am only able to be lifted out of those moments by praising God. i truly sense His presence in a way i have not before. and in that, i rejoice. 

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