July 3, 2013


one day we were in the cereal isle of the grocery store and avery suddenly pointed at a box of sugar crisps and said, 

"sometimes sparky looks like the sugar crisp bear"

she was right. sparky does closely resemble the sugar crisp bear when he's on narcotic pain meds
when he's herxing and neurotoxic

we all had a chuckle over it and from that day forward, whenever sparky is loopy or medicated, we call him the sugar crisp bear.

we knew he would need sedation for one of the procedures he recently had. he, also, had to be pre-medicated with benadryl. so, he knew he would head into his sugar crisp bear state of being.

once he was prepped for surgery and a peripheral line had been placed, they were ready to give him the sedation. 

he looked at the nurse and said,

"go ahead, sugar bear crispify me!"

obviously, THAT had to be explained. the sugar crisp story gave way for a moment of lightness in what was a bit of a tense situation for everyone. 

for reasons unknown, they had difficulty sedating him and it took a considerable amount of mediation before he was crispified.

because the sedation wasn't kicking in, the surgeon said that it would be ok for graham or i to sit in on the procedure - so long as we could handle it. after all, they had their hands full with sparky - the last thing they needed was another patient.

i could barely contain my excitement! are you kidding! handle it? i was all over that - hek, i would have scrubbed in and assisted if they'd offered! 

the nurses told him that a side effect of the sedation was that it makes your nose itch. if that happened, all he had to do was let the nurse know and she would scratch it for him.

sure enough, it wasn't long before he had to take her up on her offer.

after several more doses than expected, he eventually succumbed to the sedation...and in his crispified state he did encounter a ginormous bowl full of noodles, grew 7 fingers and a had a giant spoon chasing him.

it's hard to believe that 2 weeks have already come and gone. his recovery and healing from the procedure has gone way better than expected. PTL! we had hired a private nurse to come in to help with care...a great big, burly guy nurse. he was super - however, after one visit, and observing my care techniques, he felt that i was more than capable of taking over and doing it myself. 
am i capable? yes. 
do i want to shoulder the responsibility myself? NO. NO. NO!

somebody, please, sugar bear crispify me!

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Nicole Bottles said...

was this just a picc placement procedure? or a port? i'm confused...i don't remember being put under for that? and i think many lyme patients find they need WAY more anaesthetic, and it makes us way more sick. i hallucinate the strangest things too...it's kind of like going to the circus...in your mind :P. stay strong, sparky (oh dear...i accidentally typed sparkly...lol).