July 28, 2013


Roy Kanda is a teacher from sparky's former elementary school. Roy, also, runs 5C Learning - an after-school tutoring program and through this program has been assisting me in educating sparky. 

he's aware of sparky's journey with lyme disease. during one of his tutoring sessions, sparky told him about this new IVIG treatment his doctor had prescribed. when i picked sparky up that day, Roy asked me a bit more about this new treatment. he mentioned sparky had said it was very expensive and that he wanted to help raise funds for it. 

a few days later he called us and excitedly told us about a charity golf tournament he has hosted for the past 3 years. the proceeds of it go to Kid Sport BC. he had spoken with the other event organizers and they had all agreed to donate 1/2 of all proceeds raised at this years tournament to sparky's medical treatment! 

we are so thankful for this kind and practical gesture!

the tournament is on august 23, 2013 at Guilford Golf and Country Club in Surrey, BC. the deadline for registration has been extended to July 30.

The tournament will be a "Texas Scramble" format. Festivities include a long drive competition, a kp competition, a silent auction, putting contest, a fantastic dinner, prizes and just good times.  

if you'd like to be involved with this tournament, please email me for the registration form... sngoertzen@gmail.com or event organizers at fivecgolf@gmail.com 

the tournament will also include a silent auction. if you would like to donate to the 5C Golf with a cash or silent auction donation, please email fivecgolf@gmail.com 

last week, we had a lyme friend and gifted artist, Linda Steele, donate the painting pictured below to the auction. read about Linda here or visit her blog Art for Nature and Life. we are so grateful and humbled that she would part with one her beloved pieces to help us.

as i blogged about in several earlier posts and at post titled, An Unfolding Miracle, sparky's medical team has prescribed IVIG, a specialized treatment. his doctor's have determined that he will need a minimum of three months of this treatment. he has undergone his first month of treatment and is set to undergo his next cycle of treatment this coming Wed, July 31, Thursday, Aug 1 & Friday, Aug 2. we had a phone appointment with DR H last week and he has increased the dosage of medication sparky will be receiving for this next round. this has also increased the cost. BC Medical does not cover any of this treatment...the medication for this treatment costs $4,000 PER month.

Dr H says it will take at least 2 full courses of treatment, before we should expect to see results. however, we have seen some promising improvements since his first round of treatment which took place July 3-5 (read about it at Elusive Elixir). we are very hopeful this treatment is working. 

if you can not be involved with this tournament but would like to help financially with Parker's treatment, we would be so grateful. You may send him a donation through our PayPal account - grahamgoertzen@gmail.com


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Shannon, how did the event go?