October 2, 2013

TICKED OFF: The Mystery of Lyme Disease

it's official - the goertzen family is coming to CBC TV this fall...in one short week to be exact!

Premieres Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 8PM (8:30PM NT)
on CBC-TVs The Nature of Things

Feel free to email me for PDF version of the press release

last week, it was confirmed by the producer and executive producer of Merit Motion pictures that our family's story will be part of the upcoming documentary about Lyme in Canada. as you may or may not remember, we were filmed for this way back in november 2012. the film crew spent 3 days filming in our home and also filmed us in SF during one of our trips to see DR H. it has also been confirmed that their interview with DR H is in the documentary.

we suspect that our infamous dog, Harrison Phineaus Goertzen, may even be in the documentary. the entire film crew was enamored with him. in fact, the camera man spent a copious amount of time filming (and cuddling) our pooch. he did not cuddle any of us. none of them cuddled us. after all, they are professionals. given that Harrison is the strong, silent type, we're certainly curious to see how much actual air time he'll get.

friends, i am specifically asking for your help to spread the word of this documentary - and i am doing this knowing full well that i had a serious hair disaster 7 days before the filming took place and as a result had the spray-your-hair-into-submission kind of very fried, seriously brassy helmut head for the filming. trust me, there is no ego involved here. this is about saving lives. our family's primary objective in participating in the filming was to help spread awareness and educate the public in the hope that we can prevent other families from experiencing the horror of Chronic Lyme Disease. you can help us meet that objective by spreading the word to your friends and family. 

How is this relevant to your friends and family?

Because Lyme is the fastest spreading infectious disease in North America & the world and anyone, anywhere can contract it.

Please consider this - a few weeks ago, the US Center for Disease Control reported that 300,000 Americans PER YEAR contract Lyme. Canadian Scientists have predicted that 80% of Eastern and Western Canada will be living in areas at risk by 2020.
Sparky and DR H
no, nothing awkward about having your doctor examine you on camera

Still not convinced to ask others to tune in?

Please reconsider! Public awareness and education of this insidious disease is paramount. We believe the information in this documentary will save lives.

Here's a link to view a clip from the documentary. This clip features an interview with Dr Maureen McShane. Dr McShane is a Canadian physician that practices in New York so that she is able to treat Lyme patients. She 'gets' Lyme because she suffers from the disease herself.

i'd really appreciate it if you could help us spread the word. you can email me at sngoertzen@gmail.com to get your own PDF version of the press release... 

Sparky being interviewed 

there are several simple ways that you can help: 

first, post about it on facebook. share a link to this blog post on facebook.

second, email the press release to friends and family

third, print off copies of the release and post it around your neighborhood - eg, library, pet stores, vet office, community centers, health food stores, etc.

fourth, email copies of the press release to your MLA and MP. they need to be made aware that Lyme is a growing national health crisis and a real threat to ALL Canadians. it needs to be on their radar. 

please be sure to tune in or set your PVR to CBC on Thursday, Oct 10 at 8PM!


Sara said...

I am in the U.S. - do you know if this will be available online for viewing??

Anonymous said...

I was extremely "TICKED OFF" having to deal with the insurance companies. I was so sick that I could not leave my bed. I eventually had to have a Picc Line placed in my arm. People need to be educated about this crippling disease. I fought breast cancer and compared to Lyme, cancer was a walk in the park! Now that is a sad thing to have to say.

Missy@WhatsGoingOnHere said...

I'm so excited that Canada will finally have access to accurate information when this show airs. I've had two high ranking specialists, one at Children's Hospital, one at The Royal Vic, warn me about the "hoax" of late stage Lyme Disease. One vehemently asked me "when will you stop this silly treatment?" I hope THEY see this documentary. My "silly treatment" is currently reversing all of my symptoms!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad u say that about cancer. I've thought dozens of times that cancer would be better than this. Either you die or you get better. Both would be better than this hell... with cancer you at least get understanding, help, funding, and Belief. And sympathy