October 3, 2013

OFFICIAL TRAILER OF Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease

this morning the official trailer of the documentary Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease was released on the Nature of Things website. if you don't blink at all, you may just catch a glimpse of myself, graham, sparky and our doc, DR H....no Harrison tho'. (he's currently sulking in the corner)

i also want to say thank you to those of you who have already responded to this post and/or my email. we've heard it is even beginning to circulate through several school districts in our area. that is so important - as children are at greatest risk of contracting lyme. it is exciting for us to hear how far and wide you are spreading the news! thank you, it means so very, very much to us!

in some of the feedback i've received, two primary questions have been popping up in regards to viewing the documentary. i forwarded on those questions to the producer/publicist and they were quick to respond with some helpful answers! below are the questions which are followed by the answers the producer gave me!

Q1. Is there a way for folks in the USA to watch? 

A1. We don’t have a broadcaster in the USA yet, but hopefully will at some point. In the meantime though they can pre-order dvds by emailing info@meritmotionpictures.com

Q2. Some folks don't have PVRS and are not free to watch on Oct 10 - These folks are wondering if the documentary will be airing on any other already schedule dates/times? 

A2. The show will be able to be viewed on-line within Canada on the Nature Of Things website after show airs

keep spreading the news, friends!


Teresa Fehr said...

can you please post the website url?

using my phone I get a blank when opening with internet explorer, and a message to download a ugin and when trying to view the trailer using firefox ...


s. said...

hi teresa
i posted the url directly under the video box - but i've noticed sometimes it appears there and sometimes not. weird.

here's the link - hope this one works


you can also find it by going directly to the nature of things website.
hope this helps!