July 5, 2015


parker started a new protocol this week. we're calling it the pretty pill protocol because, well, the pills are pretty. it is called Sporanox. There is always anxiety about starting or adding any new med into treatment because often symptoms get a lot worse before they get better. as purdy as these pills look, they look extra scary for a few reasons.

first, because he's never been on them before so we have no idea how his body will react. second, his doctor is using these pills as part of a protocol to target mycotoxin issues in his brain, sinuses and lungs. treating these can be tricky and we know the die-off (herxing) could be intense.

i'm posting about this because i would love to get feedback from any other lyme or mold or biotoxin illness warriors out there that have 'been there, done that'.

speaking of been there, done that - 

i am working on a post to update you all on Parker's LDI Immunotherapy . he began this treatment therapy about 11 weeks ago now. i posted about it here. i have had a few emails and inquiries from folks asking how things are progressing on this treatment. i am so sorry that i have been slow to respond to inquiries and in posting an update! i know there are many people in the Lyme community researching this treatment and anxiously waiting to hear if it is working for those that are undergoing it.

here's the reason for the delay - parker had a very severe flare and got very ill within 24 hours of receiving his first dose of LDI. he was essentially bed ridden for the six weeks following his first dose. his medical team was baffled by his intense response as he was given the minutest dose. the tricky thing has been trying to figure out if the LDI Immunotherapy was just a contributing factor or the cause of his flare. i haven't wanted to post an update until i felt like we had a clearer understanding of where things sat with this therapy or even if his medical team would continue to utilize this treatment for him. 

at this point, his medical team believes the LDI contributed to the downward turn in his condition but (as per usual with lyme), there are about a million and one variables that may or may not have made things worse for him! we are still sifting thru all the 'rubble' but DR H did feel it was important and vital for him to continue with LDI Immunotherapy. so he received his second dose about 3 weeks ago. he did have a flare of symptoms again - but it was less intense and only lasted about a week. the past two weeks have been a bit better for him. we are hopeful this is a good sign that his body is having a favorable response to the LDI. albeit, now that he's feeling a bit better it makes starting the pretty pill protocol a whole lot less appealing - especially considering dem purdy pills could make him feel less than stellar.

 i promise i will be posting a more detailed and specific post of his journey with LDI in the coming weeks and months - just waiting til he's had a few weeks under his belt with this second dose in his system to render any judgements or opinions on this treatment protocol!

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