June 24, 2009


"I cannot bear it!" said the pewter soldier.
"I have shed pewter tears! It is too lonely and melancholy! Rather let me go to the wars and lose arms and legs! It would at least be a change. I cannot bear it any longer!

i've spent the past 2 weeks waiting for test results.
the wait has been beyond hard
beyond stressful
beyond painful
it has been excruciatingly slow
agonizingly long

over the past several weeks i have had to have a plethora of tests done because of some seriously whacked and abnormal lab results.

the preliminary findings were indicative of a parathyroid adenoma.

adenoma is a fancy word for benign glandular tumor.

i was told that,
"90% of the time these lab findings are indicative of a parathyroid adenoma"

90%!!! yikes.
needless to say, with odds like that, and the fact that my doctor not only had 'the look' when he told me this (he had that same grim look when he delivered the lesion news - he'd never make it as a poker player!) but he also crossed the room and sat down beside me to tell me this, is it any wonder that i have spent the past 2 weeks on the verge of a nervous breakdown? trying to reconcile all of this in my mind, in my heart
and given that i am still trying to process the whole shock of the unexpected brain lesion diagnosis - which still has me completely rattled, i have fully expected and feared the probability of an adenoma lurking in me.

a benign tumor
hanging out in my neck
Lyme, Lesions and Now a tumor?
i need that about as much as i need a shot in the head

i finally got the results on monday
and i pretty much had a nervous breakdown
bottomed out
hit the ground

i do NOT have tumor
i repeat
i do NOT have a tumor
and yes
i was hysterically upset by this news

rather then feel relief, i freaked
i cried
i raged
i sobbed and sobbed
i grieved

i've spent the past 2 weeks scared to be diagnosed with an ADDITIONAL condition and now i'm upset that i DON'T have it?

i am certifiable!
girl, give those lesions in your head a shake!

pretty messed up, eh?
not really rational thinking
but as messed up as it sounds,
at least
that condition had a foreseeable, predictable END....and straightforward treatment...yes, i would have faced surgery but that would have quickly ELIMINATED the problem and rapidly relieved this barrage of new symptoms that i have been plagued with for the past 6 weeks...(my latest symptoms masterfully mimic the symptoms associated with parathyroid tumors)

but now
no, no, no
there is NO relief in sight
and i have had enough

everything, all of it,
my lesions
my symptoms
my pain
this never ending cycle of pain and disability
of madness, insanity and relentless agony
up and down, up and down, down, down
all of it, every last bit of it is
the disease that won't lie down and die
wretched frustration
utter exhaustion
when will this end?
i am so sick and sad and tired of it all



breathe in hope
breathe out despair

what i know
what i feel
are 2 different things

act on what you know
not on what you feel

i feel the impossibility of fighting this disease
i know that God has promised to heal
and so i wait

breathe in hope
breathe out despair


Anonymous said...

Dear Shannon
I felt you were going through an extra burden in the last while. Thank You for posting and letting us know what was going on. You are loved. Over and over I see you going back to YOUR SCRIPTURE
RUN TO THE LORD. Thank You for your example of what to do when nothing makes sense. Love Betty

Renee said...

Oh Shannon. I am so very sorry you are going through so much right now. Your pain and despair are pulpable here. It took me two tries to read your whole post ~ because I so understand. It is good news about the tumor, really it is...but I get the fact that it would be nice to have something that can be FIXED and GONE.
I hope and pray you are able to come to a place of peace and that your LLMD has wisdom in the coming days and weeks to know what needs to be done to bring you relief and healing. God is the God of miracles and He has promised to be with us.
Isaiah 41:13 in The Message translation says: "....because I your God, have a FIRM grip on you and I am not letting go. I am telling you, don't panic. I am right here to help you."

He is right here for us...not letting go. What a relief that is in times of fear and suffering.
Gentle hugs

btrflynana... said...

I am so sad to read your post...I wish I could give you a hug...this disease is not easy to deal with day in and day out. It messes with our bodies, minds and emotions big time.

You're not alone! I agree with Betty and Renee...Trust in the Lord...I know it's hard to sometimes hang tightly to what we can not see...but you know he is right in the midst of this with you!

Hugs to you! Karen aka btrflynana

Scottspiel said...

Hi - I ran across your blog as I was searching once again for Lyme info. Our 12-yr. old has neuro-Lyme, just diagnosed this year. From the bits I read of your blog, I appreciate your trust in God, even when it hurts. We're in the same boat, waiting for our Jenny to get better so we can go back overseas.

Joining you in this journey....

Julie K. said...

Hi Shannon.
My heart breaks when I read your blog and hear all that you are going through. And I can see why you were disappointed that you do NOT have a tumor - cause if you had a tumor, it would be removed, and some of your symptoms would then be gone. And I, like many others, worry and then pray even more, when there is a lot of time inbetween your writings.
Take care Shannon, and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.....always!!!

P.S. I pray for you a glimmer of hope, a little beam of light shining through this long tunnel, something to pick up your spirits and give you what it takes to keep fighting, some good news, some relief in your symptoms. And I pray for extra strength for you and your family, to keep trusting in the Lord, fighting this fight, and being on this very difficult journey.

Love and prayers to you all!!