August 22, 2009


we are a weird family
i know that
i tend to forget just how weird we are because most of the time i am home with the weirdness
tucked away from the scrutiny of the general public

this week i've had a few days
where i was well enough to get out of the house
which has been wonderful
weird for my family who has gotten used to doing things
and going places without me

so I'm well enough to go out this week
and where do we as a family choose to go?

home depot
weird choice
sad but true

off to home depot we go
graham kept looking at me
every once in awhile
he'd turn around, do a double take, give his head a little shake
repeatedly say
"whoa, this is weird. it's just so weird to have you with us."

"thank you" i sighed
"you've now mentioned that multiple times."

"well, its weird but nice." his reply was accompanied with his cheesiest grin.

"thank you for clarifying that."

when we hit the return section
the gal behind the counter asked graham why he was returning the closest organizer.

"and the reason for the return, sir?" she queried

"ah, there is a dead squirrel in it." graham calmly replied. total poker face.

the poor girls eyebrows hit the ceiling and her jaw hit the ground.
5 minutes of dead silence followed.
graham just nonchalantly stood there .

"ah, pardon me, sir?" the girl finally sputtered

"there's a dead squirrel in it." graham repeated.

by this time the poor girl's eyes were nearly bugging out of her head.

i figured it was time to come to her rescue and let her know he wasn't serious.

"he's kidding. honest. it's okay." i clarified

it still took a few moments for her to really believe me...once she finally realized he wasn't really serious, she had a really good laugh.
we all did.

"is he always like that?" she asked

and can you believe he has the audacity to claim that it's weird to be out with me!"

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird
and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness...
and call it love."

(source -Think Exist Quotes


Anonymous said...

I was just telling this story to her majesty the other day. It was one of Wilde's.

I miss you all, especially in the public weirdness department. Insanity love company.

Anonymous said...

Loved it! What a treat to be in home depot, but it was a day out with the family.

Praying for another "better" week.
Love Sharon