October 5, 2009


we saw the pediatric specialist this morning.
the secondary testing parker had for mono came back negative.

parker does not have mono

quite frankly, we are stunned.
last week one of the doctors parker saw was very confident that he fit the clinical picture of mono. based on his symptoms and duration (4 weeks so far) of illness we too felt that mono made perfect sense. this was very reassuring and comforting as the symptoms that he is experiencing are worrisome for us.

at this point, we do not know what he has.
the viral panels they ran on him last week have all rendered negative results.

the pediatric doctor is doing further testing.
chest x-rays were done this morning (he is having difficulty breathing)
and he will also be having an abdominal ultrasound done.

additionally, we are still waiting on the results of 2 other tests that were done last week.
these results should be back by the end of this week.
we will be meeting with the doctor again next wednesday when all test results should be back

we are asking that you continue to pray for us...

that god would direct our path, lead us to the right doctors and that test results would be definitive and accurate.

naturally, this is a very stressful time, however, we are trying to take this one step at a time....after all, parker may have nothing more than some weird bug that is just taking an extended vacation at his expense...

one of my wise aunts reminded me the other day, "KEEP STARING AT THE TATTOO!"
which made me smile

i'm pretty much totally cross eyed now... yup, my visual reminder to keep trusting is sure coming in handy ;)

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