February 4, 2010


parker has been diagnosed with babesia, lyme and mycoplasma.


the babesia is a primary infection. primary meaning that it is the infection that has the biggest strong hold in his body. it is probably responsible for a significant portion of his symptoms.
(click on this to learn more about babesia)
the lyme and mycoplasma have been diagnosed as "secondary infections".
most likely the babesia and lyme are congenital.


all three infections need to be treated. parker will begin on aggressive treatment for the babesia within the week. we loved DR D. she is amazingly compassionate and very confident. she was also very positive and reassuring that parker will recover. recovery will be fight, a major fight of undetermined length, and treatment is tough BUT he can and he will beat this.


DR H will continue to be parker's primary care doctor but both DR D and DR H will be working together to formulate the best treatment plan possible for parker. we will see DR D in between office visits with DR H.


it's hard really to ascertain what i (we) feel.
parker is bummed it's lyme...AND babesia - but he's very excited that DR D prescribed burgers as part of his treatment plan.

we feel relief. for sure. finally we have a confirmed diagnosis.
we feel grief. that gut wrenching, heart sinking, try to catch your breath type of grief. yeah. gotta remember to exhale. gotta let it all out. it's in me, threatening to explode in a cavalcade of wretched tears (where's a wailing park when i need one?!)
this grief is tempered by a sense of peace. that kind of supernatural peace that envelopes you when you know that God is with you.
He is. Yes. He is.
it's gonna be ok.



Joanne said...

I am so pleased you now know your demons and are able to kick right back even though it will be tough.

How good it must feel to have good doctors fighting for you.

Best wishes in your battle to get Parker back.

Kara said...


I'm so relieved you have an answer -- or two or three. Babesia can be ruthless and on top of Lyme, it just becomes compounded. So glad you have two fabulous doctors on his "case." It's nice Dr D is closer and she can see Parker in between visits to Dr H.

Sending prayers your way! The Lord will bring you peace and strength and, most of all, healing.

Kristie said...

Hun, If you aren't crying tears, I definitely am crying a fair share for you. Everyday, I will be praying for you and Parker. I only wish there were more I could do.

Dianzee said...

Dear Graham & Shannon,

I just read your blog Shannon and I was breathing along with you. I have asked my mom to pray for you and she has always been amazing in our lives. She is a special woman (as are you). She lost her best friend and child in the same year (my dear sister-at 16 years old). I share this because pain and hurt and sadness and worry is our shared human experience and when it is shared, perhaps, just a little.... it is reduced.

Please know that we will be here when you are ready (and he will need to time to heal) to support Parker at school, to work together as he grows in so many ways through this experience.

Sometimes, (perhaps often times) we are not prepared for what we are given. But the grace with which we move through...and together...is all we have.

Thinking of your family,

Diane Steele

Renee said...

I am very happy for you all that Parker has a diagnosis, but I know that is also a double edged sword...the treatment is hard, long, and challenging...but there is HOPE and for that we can praise God! He will now get the help he needs... Parker now has a goal in mind and the help to reach it. Yahoo!

Nonerz said...

I'm so glad you guys finally got a diagnosis for Parker. Continuing to pray for you and your family.