February 17, 2010


er, or maybe one week at a time.

that is what we got

a one week prescription for doxy and malarone
we are so thankful for this
sure it's not a lot
really just a drop in the bucket of what will be needed
but it is something

there wasn't a ton of discussion
the doctor was tentative and cautious but kind

God's hand was so obviously in this
the doctor had not yet even received the treatment plan from DR H.
so it is truly a miracle that she gave us anything without that
she said that once she receives the treatment plan from DR H she will extend the prescriptions.

praise God.
a one week prescription with a tentative nod towards extending it, is nothing to sneeze at.
we'll take it. one week, one moment at a time.

phew. yeah.
one moment at a time.
that is about all i can manage anyway

this disease dictates the necessity of that.
it is a ride on the world's biggest physical and emotional yo-yo.

parker walked in to his doctor's appointment at 3:30pm
by 5:00pm he needed to be carried, fed and dressed again

in the hours (and now couple of days that have followed)
it has gotten really, really bad for him again

i knew it with everything in me that the weekend reprieve would be brief
i half expected it to end the MOMENT i hit 'publish' on the post about him walking
that is the reality of fighting this disease
one moment you are able
the next you are not

we rejoice in the moments when parker is able
we recognize that God is able... all the time and in every way
we praise God that he carries us through every moment, every day, and every week long prescription!


Renee said...

It says it all...one moment we are able and the next moment we are not able....
Even so, I am sorry Parker has to go through the roller coaster ride of Lyme disease..and its buddies.
Keeping you in prayer...
Hope you do not mind if I quoted you for one of my posts...where you said, "Life is not very much fun right now". Your able ~ not able one is simple but profund too.
Thank you Shannon for sharing your journey. Giving thanks today for the doctor helping Parker right now..one week at a time.

Kara said...

Oh, hooray! What a major blessing and miracle this is. I hope this doctor continues to support Parker's treatment. Still sending prayers your way. Hugs, Kara