May 27, 2010


this morning we had our appt for taylor with DR H.

near the end of our 90 minute appt, DR H was going over the treatment protocol that he has prescribed for taylor's lyme and bartonella infections. DR H writes all of the treatment down on a paper that he then gives us however his writing is profoundly ineligible. doctors are notorious for having terrible hand writing but DR Hs is in a class all of it's own. i find it helpful and well, necessary to take my own notes.

while i've lived in medical jargon world for years now, some of the meds and supplements still sound foreign and have weird spellings. plenty of times, i have had to ask him to spell them out for me. often by the end of our lengthy appointments, i am physically and mentally exhausted. the strain of trying to remain focused for that long inevitably ends up leaving me struggling to operate with a brain that has turned to mush.

today my decreased brain function ended up being a great source of entertainment...for 3 of the 4 of us in the appointment anyway.

DR H: "start him on vsl-3"
ME: "how do you spell that?"
DR H: "ummm, v....s....l"

and then graham, taylor and DR H all exchanged looks and burst out into raucous laughter.
i still didn't get it.
i sat there, completely bewildered, pen still poised waiting for him to give me the full spelling of vsl.
just did not compute.
at all.

eventually, i got it.
and then i told them they were all jerks.
ha ha. very funny.
laugh at my lame lyme brain.

after our appointment, we headed back to our hotel room to eat lunch and have a little rest. seeing as our wednesday plans to head out in our boat for a little tour of SF didn't happen (why we even still try to plan ahead is beyond me) we decided that today we would endeavor to steer our great white ship through the hills of SF. didn't know if she would fit, but we decided we were up for the challenge of at least trying to maneuver her down lombard street.

obviously, graham is captain of the ship. despite my obvious brain fog, he left me in charge of navigation. i don't know why he would trust my decrepit mind to lend directions to our various ports of call.. maybe he's got brain issues of his own. maybe he was hoping for another laugh. at any rate, i was left to plug our co-ordinates into our trusty GPS companion "mortimer" (read about our other adventures with morti here and here)

that was a total fail.
and so the story goes.

somehow we did manage to make it to the several ports of call that were on our docket. first a stop at fisherman's wharf.

there is always plenty to see...certainly the view of alcatraz is cool

and the sea lions are a must see. even though all they do is loll around in their undulating stench

naturally, there end up being other things you see that you would just as soon forget.

much to our surprise, we even saw a car boat that rivaled ours...

we were slightly envious until we realized it was only a smidgen larger than our grand boat and was definitely not the 'ultimate edition' that ours is

i've heard of limited edition but ultimate?

from fisherman's wharf we headed way uphill to lombard street which we then brazenly sailed down.

next port of call was the coit tower. a couple weeks ago, the boys and i were watching the tv show "amazing race" and coit tower was one of the places the contestants ended up at. we thought it would be cool to see it up close and personal.

as we piled off the ship, avery exclaimed,
"oh wow. cool. there's a statue of luke skywalker here."

evidently we are not very cultured.

by this point, the boys and i were exhausted and sore and needed to board our ship and rest in the comfort of our roomy cabin.

the roomy luxury of the ultimate edition

we nearly decided to head back to the hotel but we pushed on. after all, our last port of call for the day was the "gojden gate ayhdge". it would be ridiculous to be so close to it and not cruise across that most famous of famous landmarks in SF.

as we sailed across the bridge in our splendidly ultimate ship, it suddenly dawned on us that our crew was starving. i have never ever heard of anyone starving on a cruise ship however our ship was sadly lacking in the food department. we decided dinner was needed. just a short jaunt from the gojden gate ayhdge is a little town called sausalito. graham and i drove through sausalito on our first trip to SF. we remembered that we had eaten at a cool little joint that had fantastic mexican fare. we couldn't remember the name of the restaurant but graham was pretty sure he could find it. fine captain that he is, he found it. and oh, did we laugh as we docked in front of it and saw the name


i can't think of a more fitting or hilariously ironic way to end our last evening in SF.


Renee said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! It has been 36 years since I have been in SF...thanks for taking me back with all your photos..

Kara said...

So just catching up on my blog reading -- again. It seems I am always catching up. But, hey, lots of entertaining reading, right? LOL!

Love this post about your adventures through SF. Great photos! Especially the "boat car." (Not yours, the real boat car.) That is hilarious!