May 29, 2008


We haven't done anything touristy since we arrived on Monday. So today, we decided we needed to get a little breather from LD and play tourist.

However, before we could do that I needed to be dragged kicking and screaming to DR H's office to get my first butt shot.

Yes, the dreaded BUTT shot.
Happily the anticipation of it was worse than the reality of it.

This photo was taken just after my butt shot
and for obvious reasons..

I did NOT ALLOW cameras in the room during the butt shot!

Once that was unpleasantly out of the way, we got rolling.
Peter and his GPS, Mortimer, served as our chauffeur and tour guides extraordinaire.

The problem with Lymies is that we don't have a whole lot of energy...

and well, in case you didn't know, San Francisco is a very, very hilly, and very, very windy city...

Fortunately, it's an amazing city to tour by car.

We were able to drive by many of the famous sites of the city.

We cruised through most of San Francisco. Appropriately 'oh-ing' and 'ah-ing' until we realized that Peter's ohs were beginning to sound less enthusiastic and more soulful.

Have I mentioned that Peter is 6'7" tall?

We finally took pity on the poor lad and pulled over so that he could get out to stretch his legs.

After 5 minutes, we folded him back up, stuck him in the car and were once again off to take in the famous and some well, infamous sites as well.

Yes, these were real ladies. Senior citizens that were twins with a definite flare for the cheezily dramatic. They were pretty outrageous. I saw them when we were stopped at a traffic light and Graham jumped out to take their picture.

All in all it was a really memorable day and certainly nice to focus on something other than LD.

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