May 22, 2008


I had yet another appointment today. This one was with 2 specialists at St Paul's Hospital.

Surprise, surprise. This is getting ridiculous. But really what other choice do I have but to go? I am desperate to find a doctor who will treat me here in Canada. However, I am coming to accept that that is probably not going to happen. In fact, we've finally got the ball rolling on heading to California to see Dr Harris. I'm hopeful it will not come to that but truth be told I am at the end of the line and quickly running out of options and time.

About the only thing different about today's appointment was the fact that the doctor I saw was drop dead gorgeous. Seriously. As in Movie Star freak of nature good looking. It's okay for me to say that - even Graham leaned over to me and whispered, "He's hot". Which was very funny if you know Graham at all. So same old, same old. Told Dr Movie Star my story. Then we held our breath as he gave us his astute opinion.

Dr. Movie Star: "There is no doubt that you are sick and your level of disability is severe. However, I am not prepared to diagnose you nor treat you."

Me: "I am not looking for a diagnosis. I have a diagnosis. I have LD.

Dr. Movie Star: "Well, I'm not prepared to treat you. I don't have the expertise to do so. In fact, any doctor who treats LD in Canada risks their medical career."

Me: "Well, then. I am more than aware of the controversy surrounding the treatment of my disease. I guess we're asking you to stand up for what's right and do what is needed. We're looking for a maverick."

Dr. Movie Star: "Well, I can tell you right now then, that I am NOT your guy."

And with that, Dr Movie Star and his designer shoes squeaked out of the office. Keep walking...all the way to Hollywood, Dr. Movie Star.

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