May 30, 2008


I had planned to take Graham to San Fran for his 40th birthday 3 years ago. For over a year, I secretly dreamed, schemed and saved up enough money for us to go. I had the whole trip planned. I knew which hotel we'd stay at, which restaurants we'd eat at, which sights to see and which areas to avoid. I had the whole trip planned and then I got sick. Obviously that effectively shut down our travel plans and ate up our savings account. How ironic then that we should find ourselves here now because I am sick.
We were talking about the irony of this as we did our driving tour of SF today. It suddenly donned on me that it would be kinda neat to see the hotel that I had dreamed and schemed about.
Thanks to Mortimer, our GPS wizard, we were quickly transported to The Tuscan Inn.

It was even better than I had hoped it would be. It was delightful...a little piece of Italy in the heart of San Fran.

The rustic Italian decor of the lobby welcomed you in and comfy chairs beckoned you to sit back and relax. Adding to the ambiance was a myriad of folks mingling around a roaring fireplace enjoying the hotel's evening wine reception, which is FREE, I might add.

I must admit I am actually fairly impressed with myself. In theory, I sure know how to plan the perfect romantic getaway.

In reality, we have RM 124.Sigh, how ironic to be there but not be there.

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