May 29, 2008


This is Anthony.

Anthony is Dr H’s receptionist extraordinaire. Most days, he can be found busily hiding behind his little partitioned window.

Anthony is sweet. Anthony is shy. One might even say he is a little bashful. I suspect the Fort Knox-esque security of DR H's office may have more to do with Anthony's shyness rather than any pressing security concerns.

However, I really like Anthony.

Anthony has a wickedly awesome laugh. Like an evilly happy cartoon character. I like Anthony’s laugh. It makes me smile.

I get a kick out of ringing his little 'call bell'. And when he magically appears from behind his partition, I can't resist the urge to tease him...just so I can hear one more evil "muhahahaha" erupt from his cherubic face.

I like Anthony.

His laughter never disappoints me.

I’ve also recently discovered that Anthony and I have something in common. We NEVER answer the phone instead we prefer to let it go to voice mail. While its perfectly acceptable for me to do this, I find it annoying when Anthony does it.

However, I understand his plight.

Anthony is over worked, overwhelmed and all alone behind his little window. So, I’ve decided to oversee this small phone flaw.

Besides, Anthony has a really great laugh.

And I’ve also discovered the best way to get Anthony’s attention is by fax machine.

Betcha can't guess what I just bought?

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