May 27, 2008

ROOM 124

Sometimes places are not as they appear - especially when they are cleverly photographed. For example, here is a photo of the hotel we are currently staying at:

Looks very lovely and quaint, doesn't it?
It is until you learn that a family of ducks live in the pool plus we found the grizzly remains of 3 crows in the poolside foliage plus it took 3 room tours before we found one that was halfway inhabitable. RM 124.

I think it would be safe to say that RM 124 is probably the best room in the whole hotel. That's purely speculation of course but given that it took several tries before both Peter and Jay (Marie's dad) found rooms that didn't make their skin crawl, I would have to say it's a fairly educated guess.

In fact, Marie and her dad only lasted one night at our quaint little digs before transferring to a different hotel. Peter, Graham and I have decided to slum it out. Poor Peter, he's toughing it out down the hall in RM 121. Lets just say we have some wild theories about the huge crimson stain we found hidden under the dank, musty area carpet in his room.

But what do you expect from a motel that costs 50 bucks a night and is called the Good Nite Inn?

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