May 29, 2008


We did a little stopover at Fisherman's Wharf to do some shopping for the kids. Peter struck gold in a 5 and dime store that sells tacky touristy thingy maboppers. We could hear his giddy voice beckoning us from the darkest recesses of the store. We went to investigate. There he stood, shaking so hard with laughter that he couldn't even speak. All he did was hold up a bobble head. The minute we saw it, we burst into hysterical laughter.

Mr Bobble Head had the strangest, most unbelievably uncanny resemblance to …well, anyone who’s seen any of the news coverage on LD in recent months would certainly have no trouble ascertaining who Mr Bobble Head looks like. I’m not going to name any names, but one could say that he’s a dead ringer for a certain health minsters bumbling, sidestepping, head bopping denials.

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around with Mr Bobble Head giving him plenty of photo ops. Admittedly this was slightly immature on our part but it definitely provided us with some much needed comic relief…and personally, I thought it was a rather creative and healthy way to relieve some of the anger and frustration we have towards the politics that are the reason we find ourselves here in the first place.

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