May 24, 2008


Here’s a quick update…the last 24 hours has been a blur…

When we were in Victoria for the Lyme rally last week, we met Marie McQuhae’s parents, Susan and Jay.(Marie McQuhae was finally dx with LD after seeing my story on CTV News in July ‘07 ) At that time we had a brief opportunity to connect with them and share in each other’s grief. We learned that they are Christians and so it was comforting to connect on a spiritual level and encourage each other in Christ during this dark and difficult time in each of our families lives.

2 days after the rally, Marie was once again rushed to hospital and she has been in Victoria General Hospital for the past week in serious condition.

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from Susan. We were talking about our lives and the impact LD has had on it. I was sharing with her that we had finally made the decision to go out of country for treatment. We’ve been fighting for 2 months now to get a doctor to treat me and its become pretty obvious that there are none to be found. And really given my deteriorating condition we can’t afford to waste anymore time chasing after dead ends. Unbeknownst to me the McQuhae’s were in the process of making arrangements to get Marie down to California to the same doctor I was planning to see. Susan never mentioned it during our conversation.

Then, late last night, we received an unforgettable phone call. It was the McQuhae family letting us know that they had hired a private jet to fly Marie down to this doctor in California.(She’s too ill to fly commercial) They offered Graham and I seats on that flight.

We have accepted this unbelievable offer, duh.

So this Monday at noon Graham and I will be flying with Marie, her dad & another LD patient to San Francisco to see a leading LLMD specialist you can imagine, the past 24 hrs have been a blur of phone calls and making preparations for our trip...

I am amazed at how God is continuing to lead us through this nightmare, we are grateful for this overwhelming gift of free passage to San Fran and now we are trusting for God's provision for the rest of this challenging, crazy journey especially as our insurance will not cover any out of country medical treatments/expenses -

We would appreciate your continued prayer for us and for the McQuhae family...pray for a safe flight and pray for wisdom for the specialist who we all have appointments with… I will be seeing him on Wed at 4:30pm.

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