May 1, 2008


Good bye MR PICC

My nurses have been a wonderful support to me throughout this whole sordid process. I am so grateful that they have supported my endeavors to get further treatment. They all have seen my improvement and see how much I gained while on treatment. They think it is absolutely asinine that DR V would have the gall to say my improved condition is placebo. Furthermore, one of my nurses personally knows DR V and she says that there is no way that he would have treated me for LD if he didn't really believe I had it. Which in turn has left her completely astounded by his hostile behavior and verbal denials about my condition being caused by LD. Because my nurses did not agree with the fact that DR V stopped my treatment,they delayed following through on his order to remove my PICC line. They delayed removing it as long as possible... however, I have been unsuccessful in securing further treatment and so they finally had to pull the plug on MR PICC today.

...needless to say it was very emotional for both my nurse and I…

Albeit when I mentioned I planned to spray paint MR PICC gold, frame him and hang him on my wall, we managed to have a really good laugh.

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