August 14, 2008


Folks who say that getting there is half the fun obviously had the luxury of utilizing a GPS Unit. Fortunately for this trip, we travelled with our friend's GPS unit aptly named "Mortimer". We certainly made good use of him, as well as had a lot of fun at poor Mortimer's expense. We deviated from our pre-programmed course so many times, that he grew hoarse from repeatedly saying,



Maybe we're easily entertained but we certainly had fun imagining what Mortimer would actually say if he could say what was really on his mind.

"Oh No! He said it again!"

Poor Mortimer. Really. The thing is that Mortimer really served us well despite our relentless teasing. It is only with his assistance that we were able to aptly plan a well-timed execution of all the pit-stops that we needed to make as we set out for home today. First stop on the agenda was the Seattle Premium Outlets. No, this was not a stop for me. This was for Taylor. In fact, our promise to take him there was about the only reason he willingly went to Seattle in the first place.

Taylor loves to shop. More specifically, Taylor loves to buy shoes. Lots of shoes. The more the merrier. Imelda Marcos eat your heart out. Graham is concerned that he will need to build a room just to house Taylor's size 13 shoe collection.

After the outlet, we set out for the pharmacy in Bellingham to pick up my big order of re-constituted meds. We arrived at 5pm... Imagine my surprise and great displeasure to learn that they had forgotten to fill my order.

Adding to the angst was that we were on a time crunch because we needed to be in Blaine before 6pm to pick up another drug order. And according to Mortimer, Blaine is a 25 minute drive from Bellingham. So we had no choice but to take what the pharmacy could re-constitute in the 20 minute time span we had before we needed to leave for Blaine. I couldn't believe it - after all, a huge part of the reason we combined our trip to Seattle with this needed med pick-up was because it was a 30 day order - which we knew would take at minimum 6 hours to fill. We gave them 3 DAYS to do it! And now, I was lucky to get just a few days worth. Which means another road trip to Bellingham in a week rather than in a month. Seriously, outrageously maddening!

BOO TO YOU, Mr. Pharmacy!


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