August 8, 2008


This is Hannah.

She was given to me by my folks for my birthday this year.

Hannah is very special to me.

Not because she's a Royal Doulton collectible. Those that know me well know that collectibles are defined as 'dust collectors' in my house. I don't do dust collectors.

However, Hannah is the exception to my anti clutter rule.

When my folks gave her to me they explained that the purpose of Hannah is 2 fold.

1. She is meant to remind me that God is faithful in fulfilling his promises.

As I persevere in waiting to see God's promise fulfilled, the story of Hannah in the Bible is a great reminder of this. God promised Hannah a son. Hannah had to persevere in trusting God and waited a very, very, very long time before she saw the fulfillment of that promise.
God has promised to give me my health back. I am having to wait a really long time for that to happen.

2. She is meant to inspire me to keep walking this journey with Grace.

The Royal Doulton Hannah is wearing a green dress and has been sculpted in such a way that she looks as if she is gracefully stepping forward. The Biblical Hannah persevered in waiting with grace and strength. My folks told me that like Hannah, I am walking this journey with Grace and Strength.

And one day, she will serve as a beautiful reminder of how I gracefully persevered in waiting for God to heal me.

It meant so much to have my folks affirm me in this unique and creative way. Especially given that there have certainly been many days along this bumpy, windy journey that I sure haven't felt too 'grace-filled'

I will cherish the gift of Hannah forever.

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