August 23, 2008



This week has been a success.

I had 2 criteria by which I measured success with this week.

I figured if I could accomplish these 2 goals, then anything else I was able to do would just be an added bonus.

First, Avery had ballet for 40 minutes every day and I wanted to make it to her classes. And I made it to 4 out of the 5. Success!

Second, a friend of mine laid her mom to rest this week and it was important to me to support her by going to the funeral - I made it, even if I was half comatose. Success!


I have had significantly less pain than I have had in a long, long while. My attacks of breathlessness have been less intense. I still having a lot of trouble with my vision - during the day, intermittently have cloudy, blind patches and towards evening, my vision becomes progressively more blurry. My kidneys and my vasculitis have been pretty awful this week - they are both fairly limiting to live with. I'm extremely fatigued which means my day is broken up by many resting periods however my stamina is improved from last week.


Well, I'm pretty sure I can say with some semblance of clarity that I have certainly not been all here this week. I have had conversations that I later have absolutely no re-collection of ever having had. My noise sensitivities have been slightly exacerbated and my irritability factor has been marked.

Then there is the odor. There has been a strange odor emanating from our upstairs hallway all week. Of course, quite naturally I assumed that Taylor's room was probably the causative factor of the funky smell. Anyone who has or has seen a teenager's room will understand.

However, as the week progressed the smell became so rank that it could no longer be ignored or forgotten by me. I set out to investigate the offensive source. It didn't take long to discover the damp, moldy laundry that I washed last week but forgot to dry. My bad.

I suppose I can consider it a success that I felt well enough to DO the laundry.

And well one last thing. I lost the van this week.
I parked, was in the store for 40 minutes and when I came out, I had no idea where I'd parked...additionally I couldn't recall what type of vehicle we had.
Poof. Erased from head. Same vehicle for 5 years. No clue.

However, I eventually found the van - so I suppose that can be deemed a success too.


This is my 3rd week on IV Primaxin. I am not a fan. Besides being tethered to my IV pole 4 hours a day, it makes me swollen, bloated and nauseous.
I'm also on oral Zithromax and a whole host of other pharmaceuticals. At last count I swallow 210 pills/week.
And I still have more to add in to the mix this coming week.

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