August 2, 2008


By the time I finally got home last night, I figured the biggest hurdle I faced was getting the nerve to run this new abx through my veins. I was hopeful that after I could then maybe start relaxing into this new regime again. If only it could be that simple.

Once I started unpacking my 2 red crates of supplies and meds, I quickly realized that I only had enough meds to last me for 2 weeks – seems the Canadian pharmacy made an oopsy – unfortunately they only sent me to the States with enough meds for a 2 week supply instead of the 4 week supply I ordered. So it is looking like it is going to take another round of phone calls to sort through this mess. It also means I will have to make another trip to Bellingham in 2 weeks rather than 4. I was too physically exhausted from today's trip and too stressed from the hoopla of figuring it all out that about all I can do is throw my hands in the air and go to bed… Lucky me, the problem will still be here to deal with in the morning.

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