August 7, 2008


It's my birthday.
I've been dreading facing today.
It means I must face the dreams that I had for this my 35th birthday year.

And I had pretty grandiose plans.

I will force myself to write them down. Then face and confront them in all their black and white glory. Ultimately, I must grieve the loss of them today. And then endeavor to keep on believing that dreams do come true...I suppose that sometimes it just takes some creative re-adjustments to make that happen.


I have always had a dream to go to New York or Greece. The plan was to celebrate my 35th birthday in New York. This year it'll be a success if I can travel 20 minutes down the road to eat dinner in a local restaurant.

So NO New York. Not this birthday anyway. Personally, I'd rather not age a day past 35, so I suppose one day I will eventually get to celebrate my "35th" in New York.

And no, NO Greece either. My whole obsession with Greece came after I watched the movie "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". Part of that movie was filmed in Greece and I completely fell in love with Greece. The fact that I simply adore Greek food just adds fuel to my burning desire.

Ironically, the sequel to that movie will be in theaters in time for my birthday. I plan to go. I will watch and I will keep dreaming.


I ran my first 10km race for my 30th birthday. I figured why not go bigger as I age and so the plan was to do a half marathon for my 35th (and no there were never any plans to run a full marathon for my fortieth – I’m not a sucker for punishment)

Ironically, fighting LD has been likened to a running marathon. I suppose I'm in the marathon of my life.
And I wonder if it counts toward anything that while I will not run a half marathon for my 35th, LD will insure that I am guaranteed to FEEL like I have.