August 10, 2008


Slowly, from the shadows of my Lyme induced fogginess, a speck of my former creative self is emerging. I caught sight of it the other day and immediately pounced on it...

“Hello, old self.” I whisper, “Long time no see. And what is it that I see? Could it be a small glint of imagination staring back at me?” My old self gives a slight nod, as if it is trying to shake off the cobwebs dusting my tired, cranky brain.

“What are you thinking?” I quietly inquire.

“I’m thinking that you are wearing a really ugly piece of netting on your arm.” My old self says with a mischievous little grin.

“Hey, that ugly piece of netting is my PICC line cover. Don’t be so harsh. Don’t knock it. That PICC line is my life line. It’s what’s enabling me to catch this fleeting glimpse of you today."

"I see, but if it is as you say, why don't you give it the respect its surely due?"

While I ponder my old self reflected in the mirror, I can almost hear the squeak as my brain starts to turn the rusted wheel of creativity in my head. "I see your point. It does deserve to be dressed in a more dignified manner."

"Uh, yeah. Most definitely. Besides, it won’t be long until it will allow you to be able to be out in the world a little more. Might be nice to christen your return in a fashion forward manner."

"Oh how wonderful that would be. I miss dressing up and going out. Even more than that, I miss my creative self. Thanks to you, old self, I've got a great idea. I'm even feeling a little giddy. We're going to make Designer Picc Line Covers....

I can visualize them already, animal print, little retro, little saucy, little sassy...

"Ah, hold your horses, have I been gone so long that it is necessary to remind you that along with being very practical and safe, the color black is also very chic and fashion forward."

"Nope, no reminder needed. I am genetically predisposed to wearing black. Now, let's get going! I believe we've got some sewing to do!"

"Absolutely, let's go play. Let's go create, my little fashionista. You have a small window of opportunity with me today. Soon, I will recede into the shadows again. But I'll be back again another day. I promise."

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