August 11, 2008


Living with LD has taught me to be spontaneous. I'm slightly anal, like to plan ahead and be prepared, so spontaneity is not a natural inclination for me.

However, when the 'good' days are few and far between, one learns the importance of making hay while the sun shines.

I finally got back on IV treatment in June and it produced an intense and very, long and debilitating herx. For the past 8 weeks, a 'good' day has more or less meant that I was able to move from my bed to the couch.
However, in the past week or so, I've been managing to get in 2-3 'functional' hours each day, so that is why it is Monday nite, and we've just decided to take off to Seattle for a mini family vacation tomorrow morning.

How very spontaneous of me.

We need to head across the border this week to have more of my meds re-constituted. I have to full 30 day rx this time - which means 120 vials of abx need to be attached to 120 bags of saline. It's a tall order to fill in one days time. So we figured it'd be best to combine it with a little get away...Seattle seemed like the place to go as we have a family tradition of heading down to the Woodland Zoo in the Seattle area each summer.

So we've just booked a hotel, it's 11PM and apparently we're leaving for Seattle in the morning.
Suppose I should go pack.
And maybe call Grandma to let her know she's leaving for a surprise vacation too. I'm sure she'll appreciate the 8hr warning.
Now back to packing...
Of course one look at the overflowing laundry basket means only one thing...this unplanned get away means packing will require that I dig through the mile high pile of dirty clothes in order to find the least dirty, least offending articles of clothing to pack.

Who's spontaneously dumb idea was this anyway?

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