August 31, 2008


Last August, our family made our own personalized Lyme Disease Awareness bracelets.

I remember that day well. The emotion of it rolls over me today as vividly as it did that day. I remember thinking that we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I remember feeling a profound sense of relief at that thought. I remember a sense of well being. I remember being hope-filled. I remember wanting to celebrate all that we were leaving behind. I remember believing that by this summer, LD would be a distant memory.

At the beginning of our Lyme journey, God gave me the verses from Proverbs 3:5-6… He called me to

“TRUST Him with all my heart...Run to God.
Your body will glow with health. Your very bones will vibrate with life.”

So, as this summer draws to a close, I must face the reality that all that I had hoped for, yearned for and believed it would be, it has not. Not yet, anyway. While my circumstance remains unchanged by the hands of time, the God I believe in remains the same. He is still faithful and His promises remain trustworthy.

Despite how our circumstances may appear, despite how we may feel, we have been called to TRUST God and His Promises. Therefore, we chose the word TRUST for our bracelets.The promise and hope that our bracelets were created to reflect have not lost their meaning but rather have grown in significance. They are a daily reminder of what God is teaching us as we sojourn through this dark and painful time in our lives.

The following explains what the rest of the bracelet represents:

The black beads represent the dark abyss of unrelenting pain and craziness that engulfs one as this disease progresses

The crystals represent all the tears that have been shed along the way. Tears of pain, fear, frustration, anger, bewilderment, grief…

The silver ball represents the silver lining/blessing that can always be found…even in the midst of darkness and tears.

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Anonymous said...

I specifically remember at some point seeing your bracelet and thinking it was beautiful. I don't remember it on anyone else, but I do remember yours.

- Jessie