September 1, 2008


Yesterday we were able to make it to the annual Warkentin family picnic. There are a lot of us. A lot of us dressed in black and white. We are not very subtle. We took over a large portion of the park. We had a motor home there. We had rented the big sheltered picnic area. All of it was in the shade. And it was cold in the shade. But warm in the sun. The only place the sun was shining was in the parking lot. So we moved the party to the middle of the parking lot. We blocked traffic. We raised eyebrows. But at least we were warm. Whatever it takes.

I was super glad I was well enough to make it. I love my extended family and am not able to connect with them nearly enough. And well, if truth be told, aside from loving the rellies, the food at these picnics is motivation enough to come. Especially the pecan squares. Sadly they didn't make it this year. I missed them. I missed the one who creates these delectable treats. However, reliable sources have told me it was not from a lack of effort. So, even though I'm a little bitter, I'm willing to let it go, this one time.

Today, I am suffering the aftermath of yesterday's tailgate party.
I am flat on my back on the couch.
Haven't been able to move from it all day.
Every bone in my body is screaming.
My nervous system is on overdrive.
I am twitching and shaking and burning.
My kidneys are on overload and I'm peeing blood.
My legs are so gimpy, walking is near impossible.
The fatigue is overwhelming.
G had to carry me to bed tonight.

I am sad that sitting in a parking lot can do this to me.
But I am happy that I did, pecan squares or not.

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