September 15, 2008


We've arrived safe and sound in Redwood City, California.

We're back to see Dr H as I'm due for my next ''in office" visit. Both Graham and I are relieved to be here and excited to see Dr H and his receptionist extraordinaire, Anthony.

Redwood City sort of feels like our home away from home. Which is strange to say, given that this is only our second visit here however it is home to Dr H and his clinic. It is where I could finally be the patient and start my journey to wellness without fear of reprisal or discrimination.

And of course, it is a neat little town that is also home to the infamous Good Nite Inn.

What more could I want?

Well, for starters, Rm 124.

However, when we checked in today, they had messed up our reservation and Rm 124 was not available. I just about passed out cold because based on our last stay, I was quite sure that Rm 124 was the ONLY inhabitable room at the Good Nite Inn.

However, I stand corrected.
I can now happily confirm that there are 2 inhabitable rooms at the Good Nite Inn.
Rm 124 and Rm 242.
And wonder of wonders, Rm 242 is even a step up from Rm 124.
Complete with King size bed, a couch, a fridge and a vaulted ceiling.

We're living the good life for 50 bucks a nite.
Not bad, not bad at all.

Tomorrow I have my appointment with Dr H. Not sure what the rest of the week will hold but we're hoping we'll be able to get in a little visit with Marie and her dad, Jay.

But for the time being, I must rest. The trip took a lot out of me. The flight was hard on my old bod and I had a lot of trouble with my breathing during it. But I am happy and relieved to be here. We're missing the kids but we know that they are in good hands - my folks are 'grandparenting' for the first half of the week and then they will trade off their watch to Graham's mom.

Peter - We are missing having you here with us - Mortimer is misbehaving and Lupe is nowhere to be found!

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